Die MSM, Die – Rewriting history

In the famous novel Nineteen Eighty Four, the job of the main protagonist, Winston Smith, is to rewrite history in the Ministry of Truth, in order to bring it in line with current political thinking.

One of the aspects of the book that may have been missed by critics is that it would be quite possible to have aspects of the dystopian future appear in real life without all the rest of the totalitarian nightmare.

So far.

Another miss of the book is that it never foresaw the possibility of the private sector effectively becoming a arm of the government, something I would have thought Orwell would have lept upon, but then the book was more designed at taking a shot at Lenin and Stalin’s USSR by imagining the same thing happening in Britain, rather than trying to predict where our capitalist social democracies would go in the future.

In any case, we’ve arrived at full WInston Smith mode, courtesy of the Washington Post:

That’s right kids, in the wake of the Wuhan Lab Leak theory suddenly going from a Conspiracy Theory to damned near certain, the WaPo did not just suddenly do a backflip on reporting that – along with the rest of the howling MSM banshees – they determined to change their own past.

In this case by changing the headline and parts of a fifteen month-old story where they gleefully slammed a Republican Senator named Tom Cotton when he raised the theory by saying that it had been “debunked”. That word, together with “conspiracy theory” have also been wiped from the body of the headline.

New Washington Post motto: Democracy dies in stealth edits of old headlines.

There’s plenty more on this story that has broken in the last week which deserves a post of its own, but for now I’ll leave you with the Anti-Trump right-wing magazine, The National Review and former prosecutor Andrew McCarthy:

Of course, it’s only circumstantial evidence. We may never know the truth.”

If I’ve heard this once, over more decades than I care to admit, I’ve heard it a thousand times. It is the rote dismissal of circumstantially based cases, and it is almost always wrong.

I was a prosecutor for a long time, and prosecutors are in the business of proving stuff. Every good one will tell you that the best case is a strong circumstantial case. It is the most airtight and least problematic kind of proof.

Circumstantial cases are a tapestry of objectively provable facts. No one of those facts, by itself, establishes the ultimate conclusion for which all the interconnected facts collectively stand. Instead, each single fact supports a subordinate proposition that must be true in order for the ultimate conclusion to be valid. Stitch enough of those subordinate propositions together and the ultimate conclusion is inexorable.

In this case the conclusion that China is culpable for this disaster.

But the point of this post is that none of this is new knowledge or evidence. There have been places reporting on the known facts for a year now, and stringing them together in reasonable ways. Arguments could be made and were made in opposition, but there was never any intelligent, rational, reason to be so dismissive as were the Intellectual Giants of Probity like the WaPo, who never shifted off their backsides to actually ask tough questions of the likes of Peter Daszak, the poster boy behind the Lancet article that laid the groundwork for the MSM’s approach to this.

The sort of questions real investigative MSM journalists would have asked in the dim, distant past: like what Daszak’s motives were and how real and pure they were, what his connections to the Chinese Lung Rot virus were, scientifically, politically and financially.

But they didn’t. They just acted as stenographers of “The Experts”. It also helped immensely that such reporting might have helped Trump, and in 2020 that was not going to happen.

Aside from the virus there has also been a slow, steady – and for me anyway – an entirely predictable MSM turn in the reporting on the Burn Loot Murder and Antifia movements now that the Democrats are back in the saddle.

Congratulations on finally finding those “anarchists” Mr Kristof. Only a year behind non-MSM sources.

But even now the Post’s write-up tries to cover for “Black Lives Matter” as if they haven’t been absolutely complicit with Antifa in Portland. Antifa did not hijack a “social justice movement.” They started one hundred nights of rioting designed to smash the Portland police and all existing state authorities, and what we’re seeing is a direct result of that. BLM has rioted, looted, burned, and committed acts of violence in Portland just like those who claim the banner of Antifa. None of these groups get a pass. In fact, there’s essentially no daylight between them, which should never have been a surprise given the Far Left motivations of both groups.

No, the MSM doesn’t get to once again ride in years late on a story and get plaudits when they were the ones who did everything they could to suppress this issue. Only now that things are so thoroughly out of control are the bastards willing to even admit this stuff is happening.

And to think that there are adults, including politicians, who still rely on the MSM.




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8 responses to “Die MSM, Die – Rewriting history”

  1. Little Dorrit Avatar
    Little Dorrit

    The WHO scientists want to emphasize three things: (1) it is extremely unlikely that SARS-CoV-2 was being studied at WIV so it couldn’t have escaped from there; (2) there is no evidence to support the lab leak conspiracy theory but if any evidence shows up they are perfectly willing to investigate; (3) it’s very likely that SARS-CoV-2 originated naturally in the wild and all efforts should be focused on the most likely scenario and not on an extremely unlikely scenario.

    After the interview is over, the three hosts talk about the lab leak conspiracy theory. You should hear what they have to say about Nicholas Wade and his failure to understand the furin cleavage site (1:10 minutes)! And they have lots to say about everything else in the Wade article. Everyone needs to watch that discussion if you are really interested in science and not half-baked conspriacy theories.


    Even if it were accidentally released from a lab, it’s not a bioengineered virus, but something that had been collected in the wild during extensive sampling of, for instance, bat caves. It would have originated there, not in a lab. I agree that it’s important to study where these viruses arise, because there are more out there, lurking in the complexity of the natural world, but thinking the only danger can come from intentional manipulation in a lab is going to mislead you into underestimating the risk.

    1. David Avatar

      I think you need to catch up on Fauci’s emails…

    2. Tom Hunter Avatar
      Tom Hunter

      Too funny.

      Dorrit completely ignored the main point of the OP, which is that MSM sources not only were premature and foolish but were likely pushing a political narrative (I know, “meh”) and more importantly are now actively re-writing their own history to conform to the (new) current common wisdom. Just like Winston Smith.

      Aside from that let’s look at the Dorrit timeline:

      Little Dorrit – June 2020:
      There was no leak from the Wuhan Lab. It’s a stupid conspiracy theory and has been debunked by WHO scientists whom we can totally trust because China can’t bend their arms. Plus the The Lancet and thousands of other experts.
      Experts I tell you. Listen to the Science.

      Little Dorrit – June 2021:
      The virus was not bio-engineered at the Wuhan Lab. It’s a stupid conspiracy theory and has been debunked by WHO scientists whom we can totally trust because China can’t bend their arms. Plus the The Lancet and thousands of other experts.
      Experts I tell you. Listen to the Science.

      BTW – Even if it were accidentally released from a lab,…

      IF? The original 2003 SARS virus leaked up to six times from labs across three countries. It’s not an uncommon problem with these labs, especially if they don’t think the viruses are especially dangerous to humans.

      But you can replay all this when I do a post specifically on what has been found out about the lab.

      This post is about the idiotic and political-narrative drive employed on this subject by the MSM for the last year – until it blew up in their stupid faces. They – and the WHO for that matter – can “dispute” all they like. Their credibility is shot, as much as for all the other crap they’ve pulled recently as for this specific instance.

    3. Little Dorrit Avatar
      Little Dorrit

      Sorry David, I’m still too busy reading Hilary’s. 🙂

      Of course, I would also like to read Princess Ivanka’s, but I can’t, because she used a private email server.

  2. Little Dorrit Avatar
    Little Dorrit

    WHO have far more credibility than a cow cockie from Nowhereseville, New Zealand, who simply regurgitates right wing talking points.

    1. Tom Hunter Avatar
      Tom Hunter

      Right wing talking points?

      Like Vanity Fair? Or here’s one I know you’ll love, The Grundian:

      I am no expert on epidemics. Like everyone else I know, I spent the pandemic doing as I was told. A few months ago I even tried to talk a Fox News viewer out of believing in the lab-leak theory of Covid’s origins. The reason I did that is because the newspapers I read and the TV shows I watched had assured me on many occasions that the lab-leak theory wasn’t true, that it was a racist conspiracy theory, that only deluded Trumpists believed it, that it got infinite pants-on-fire ratings from the fact-checkers, and because (despite all my cynicism) I am the sort who has always trusted the mainstream news media.

      There’s a lot like him about. Many of them control our lives. 😬 😳

      My own complacency on the matter was dynamited by the lab-leak essay that ran in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists earlier this month; a few weeks later everyone from Doctor Fauci to President Biden is acknowledging that the lab-accident hypothesis might have some merit. We don’t know the real answer yet, and we probably will never know, but this is the moment to anticipate what such a finding might ultimately mean. What if this crazy story turns out to be true?

      Gosh, he sounds just like another Little Dorrit, except one that’s capable of critical thinking about his own opinions and changing his mind.

  3. The Veteran Avatar
    The Veteran

    LD … methinks the WHO has very little credibility re Covid given their tardy response to the pandemic. Your post shows a certain mindset bias bias against anyone who questions your narrative. I know many a cow cockie who have more innate sense in their little finger than most woke commentators.

    1. Andrei Avatar

      Vet … methinks you put far too much faith in Big Bureaucracies being to analyse and resolve problems, big and small, within a nano second of them manifesting themselves

      Now the great Covid-19 Panic is on the wane and we have a placebo vaccination that can be used to provide an explanation to the masses as to why the predicted mass dying has failed to materialize, recall our beloved PM putting on her frowny face and telling us 80,000 kiwis could succumb if drastic steps were not taken?

      But after all this headless chookery from our leaders the fingers are beginning to be pointed and what better candidate for distracting the masses than a lab in China as the purported origin of the dread lung rot

      To which I say phooey

      We live in a world where shit happens and in the scheme of things a new variant of the common cold is a pretty minor thing to have to deal with, and far from unprecedented. It is something that occurs every eighteen months or so and usually goes unnoticed

      In fact the ability to even document such an event was not even possible until about twenty years ago – the biochemical techniques didn’t even exist that would allow for this and only appeared in very rudimentary form in the mid 1980s

      What Tom gets right in this post is it is the media who amplified this panic and bear a large part of the culpability for this cock up, but the other culprits are the politicians, who instead of keeping their heads over reacted to the hyperbolic reporting and have ruined many of their constituents lives in the process,

      Of course you are still a believer Vet, the scales have yet to fall from your eyes and you have submitted yourself to the vaccine, allowed yourself to be used as a lab rat, Its your body…

      I learned last night a nephew of mine has the dreaded lung rot, contracted it seems 4 weeks after vaccination, He apparently submitted to “the jab” because he wished to travel and this makes possible. His shot was not of the type you have had, it was of the AstraZeneca snakeoil purported to be 74% effective in preventing infection according to the literature supplied by its vendors

      Now the curious thing about that published efficacy rate, 74%, is that we know from the Diamond Princess data that 712 people out of the ships compliment of 3700 were identified as infected (half were asymptomatic), But the point is 80% seem to have been naturally immune to the lung rot, a number which is suspiciously close to the purported efficacy of the AstraZeneca snakeoil. An interesting factoid, make of it what you will.

      But the availability of vaccines regardless of their actual real world value are like gold to Big Bureaucracies, like WHO, the CDC and the New Zealand Health Department. They give them something to do, roll outs, advertising campaigns and programs to administer them to the herd &c.. They can be seen to be doing something important…

      ..and their existence justified

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