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A MSM obsessing with a global scam of epic proportions centering on a CCP PLA Wuhan virus research Laboratory that is increasingly being perceived as the source of the current pandemic, yesterday parlayed by the handlers of Joe Biden as the greatest threat to world peace in an “off the cuff” spontaneous little homily to US Troops assembled to meet the POTUS on arrival in The UK for the G7 in Cornwall, is currently dropping the ball massively for NZ Inc.

A nation that is totally dependent on exporting primary produce to world markets is facing a scenario unprecedented in our post colonial history. All major shipping companies are increasingly leaving our product transporting out of their global operations. Cool stores are fully committed, logs are being left standing as trees, and incoming product disruption is growing by the day as the shipping moguls concentrate on moving CCP goods to Europe and North America and returning to China with needed imports from those ports. NZ Inc is being frozen out by commercial reality

The exporters are reluctant to raise the issue as it will become a massive impediment to an ongoing charade of business as usual. Boats that are actually entering our waters are being rationed as to container movements during port access resulting in a ship say carrying say a thousand containers being limited to one thousand movements during a visit to a port so only half the load is unloaded with the other half being on carried to the next port. There is an accompanying threat of container availability also impacting on NZ Trade.

Think I am wrong, do some research and make that basic as there is a wall of silence and obfuscation apparent. Sort of similar to the Vax supply chain that is being hinted as having problems, as if the morons masquerading as a government could understand let alone ever admit. Their modus operandi will leave such trifles to the now vast army of spin merchants recruited from the better minions of that MSM, to hide such inconvenient reality under a wall of misinformation.

Written by Gravedodger

June 11, 2021 at 10:51 am

Posted in New Zealand

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