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Marama’s poodle sees himself as a messiah, truth is he’s a very naughty boy with apologies to Monty Python.

NZ Inc will see a total reversal of two decades trending towards a reduction in bicycle use across the Nation, however dear Jimmy will see an increase that will justify the spend of initially announced seven hundred million to create a bicycle pathway over the Waitemata, that he and very few others will ever discern a use for.

Now it is pretty settled that recreational bicycling has had an exponential growth in participation in recent decades but the thousands who used to cycle around my home city mid twentieth century to schools, university and work have now become weekend warriors on fancy mud bikes that costing serious money are just not gunna be left in a bicycle stand with a bit of wire to secure them they are parked when not being ridden, firmly locked on the more secure rack on the back of the SUV or RV with the bikies ( small b) avoiding arrival at a place of learning or toil smelling like a Nike shoe in a locker room. Bikes are now only to be ridden for the feel good of getting sweaty before or after work and at weekend when the lycra clad warriors can clean up for public consumption. Not sure how many times a coffee break has been made less memorable because a platoon of hobbling fanatics in their shoes not made for walking happen by for a break in a ceremonial ride. Maybe their sh*t dont stink but the body odour sure does become a bit wiffy.

Anyway Jimmy I will wait and never see the upsurge in people using two wheels and a chain drive to replace their cars any time soon, as for the fanciful dream of using the soon to be one billion dollar white elephant across the water perhaps there will be a second coming and some bearded bloke will show everyone walking on water is an option. In fact a lazy ten at the TAB on that happening might just be the better bet.

Written by Gravedodger

June 13, 2021 at 4:08 pm

Posted in New Zealand

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  1. Mark my words: that stupid bridge will never be built.

    Meanwhile, kindness Cindy will tax the working classes $3k so the elites can have an $8k discount on their Teslas.

    Gotta love socialism, eh?

    John JohnO

    June 13, 2021 at 6:40 pm

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