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“I’m going to get in trouble”

President Biden that is.

I’ve lost track of the number of times that Biden has said this during press conferences or any situation where he meets the press and has to answer questions.

“I’d get into trouble if I answered another question” or “I’d get in trouble with Jake Sullivan if I answered that.”

Trouble with whom, you may ask?

His handlers of course. The background people, including his wife, who have held his hand and guided him through an election campaign and the first months of his Presidency. They’re the ones who are really in charge and Biden has just enough braincells left to know it.

Here are but two examples from Joe’s European Vacation.

FFS. The look on the face of Secretary of State Blinken says it all as he focuses a death mask gaze on Biden, willing him on, wondering when the dam is finally going to break, while the woman to Biden’s left simply cannot look at this train wreck as the President actually gets lost while reading his notes.

And those notes are incredibly detailed. It says “talking points” but they’re not just talking points — they’re full-out scripted answers. Imagine that you are so incoherent you need to be told to say such short empty-headed answers.

His weird answer to a question about getting rid of Trump sanctions was another example, where he leaned into the microphone and said, “120 days, give me a break, need time.” He’d been President for 145 days when he said that. One of the few US journalists who is willing to say that the Emperor has no clothes is Howie Carr of the Boston Herald:

Since his mental decline, he has always been clueless with numbers — this week he bragged about providing a “half a billion” free vaccines, then cut the number to “half a million,” before finally reverting back to the original “half billion doses that we’ll be sending around the world to be produced in the United States.”

Sleepy Joe exhorted Americans to get their shots at the assorted “vaxin’ sites,” including your local “Y.M.C.” He changed the name of the disease yet again. What he sometimes calls “COVID 9” this week became “Globid COVID 19.”

As time goes on, Biden is more and more flummoxed by the letter “L.” Again this week he referred to the “American Rescue Pan.” Now, though, in addition to dropping “L,” he randomly adds the letter to words. He called for more so-called investments in climate change “to prevent the worst implacts” of climate change.

Then there was his trip to Tulsa to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa race massacre, which he said happened “a century aglow.

In Tulsa he recalled meeting an elderly woman — “when she saw the insurrection on Jan. 9 it broke her heart.”

Yes, Mr. President, but what about the other “insurrection,” you know, the one on Jan. 6?

Biden bemoaned the fact that after 100 years, the survivors in Tulsa haven’t had “cloture.” Not closure, cloture.

“Trunalimunumaprzure”. In another speech recently he said Libya several times in talking about Syria. I’ll be Putin was intimidated by that show of mental strength.

The other aspect of senile old men is that they no longer have full control of their emotions; they get angry, especially when they’re challenged even on minor things. Watch Biden have a silly little meltdown over a perfectly legitimate question.

That was Kaitlan Collins of Biden-friendly CNN. She made her name fighting with President Trump, but she noticed the same thing about the Biden-Putin meeting that everyone else did, with Putin backing down on nothing at all. She tried to question Biden on why he has any confidence that Putin will change. What followed was absolutely surreal. Biden ripped into her, insulting her multiple times while completely undermining his prior tenor about the summit.

The funny aspect is that Collins, like most of the US MSM, is a staunch defender of the Biden White House. She’s just about as partisan as it gets when it comes to White House correspondents. Biden, who probably doesn’t even know who she is because he’s senile, rips into her anyway. The question was not unfair and was actually a tee up for Biden to calmly lower expectations while appearing to be in control. Instead, the guy has an absolute meltdown.

The one good thing about this trip is that it has allowed non-US media to observe Biden up close and write about him. I doubt that many of them ever liked Trump but unlike the US MSM they’re not partisan hacks. It’s Fleet Street and every British PM knows how tough they can be. Their observations on Biden have not been kind.

Meanwhile, Biden has lifted sanctions and green lit Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline. And just the other day the CCP flew 28 fighter planes through Taiwanese air space.

Written by Tom Hunter

June 17, 2021 at 9:30 am

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