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Something Different For Saturday

A guest post (satire) by regular commenter rossco.

Office of the Prime Minister of NZ (19.00hours and 2 gins to the wind)

Dear Mr PDM1946,

Thank you for your interest in the daily activities of our beloved PM.

As you will well appreciate she is a national treasure, and to be perfectly frank is of chiefly status, particularly among the Pasifikia population of South Auckland, if not the population of New Zealand.

As such she can do no wrong and is deserving of special treatment, well above that of mere ordinary people of NZ.

As you well know our pacific cousins get their orders at Church every Sunday morning and there wont be any complaints from that quarter. We don’t call them coconuts for nothing here at HQ.

Despite the rumours perpetrated by low brows such as yourself there is vaccine’s for Africa here in dear old New Zealand. (Confidentiality between me and you Mr PDM it is vaccine destined for Africa but a wink and a nod from dear Jacinda got it diverted here to save serious embarrassment to the Govt, oh and Ashley )

Our dear PM had her vaccination in Manurewa as a PR stunt to “encourager les autres” . I assume you understand French Mr PDM1946, not as any selfish, self centered motive that you are trying to insinuate.

“Les Autres” of course are staunch Labour supporters and need encouragement to follow orders.

I’m sure we met in a previous life Mr PDM, I used to prosecute perceived miscreants on TV, and was quite famous, then I moved on to getting a law degree, which was not fun as I became less prominent, and it’s a bother being a lawyer, so here I am working for the PM and loving it. She’s a wonderful women and I’m on the forefront of the Socialist revolution. Part of telling fucking ordinary New Zealanders what to do and when to fall in line.

Are you part of that line Mr PDM 1946. If not, with questions like that you soon will be!

Have a nice day and I’d ditch the ute……soon.


Note this was a contribution by rossco on my post yesterday about the PM having her covid vaccination in an area outside of her usual place/places of residence and thought it worthy of wider exposure.

Thanks for letting me run with it rossco.

Written by pdm1946

June 19, 2021 at 11:46 am

Posted in New Zealand

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  1. IIRC this particular Wally is one of Winston’s favorite cuzzies.


    June 19, 2021 at 12:08 pm

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