No Minister


As can anyone else.

As we all could if such racist nonsense has any appeal to the average New Zealand citizen!

A racist politician, who made it to parliament on a race based system, representing herself alone as her race (whatever proportion of that may be of East Polynesian content personally) with precious little mandate to speak for any other citizen who may claim being part maori might bring rewards, questions the leader of her Majesty’s “loyal” opposition’s decision to skip the often, merely an excuse for overt racist activity, after the current holder of that office announces she will not attend a Waitangi farce unless she has equal speaking rights on the upper Meeting Place. Rights that were “permitted” for a person of a certain stated gender last February but apparently to be denied to the opposition leader for now. One wonders how the nonsense protocol would be applied for say, Gavin Hubbard?

Suddenly Gender, Race, and hierarchical status are allowed to dictate whether or not certain persons can speak when there are a constant stream of such nonsense being castigated daily as for the new cultural reality being merely reminders of a colonial past and therefor to be condemned.

So Ms Packer, sod off, Ms Collins announcement had actual news quality about it, yours Ms Packer, was more like throwing the little kid off its bike to try and follow along using the stolen bike for transport.

Written by Gravedodger

June 22, 2021 at 9:49 am

Posted in New Zealand

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