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Views from on High

You’ve likely all seen the famous photograph of a bunch of construction workers eating their lunch while sitting on the steel beam of a skyscraper a thousand feet in the air, the city spread out below them and nothing to stop them falling.

It’s in thousands of framing and photo shops around the world.

So here’s a photo of the guy who took that photo, Charles C. Ebbets, and how he did it. It wasn’t just construction guys who had courage.

Next up is more recent and straight out of some Bond movie plot.

Where’s the Kaboom? I was expecting an Earth-shattering Kaboom.

Luckily there are plenty of other planets in the universe, as this photo implies. There are a million stars in this one picture, taken by the DE Camera, high up in the Chilean Andes, part of the Dark Energy Survey Project.

Getting to them is the problem, one that won’t be solved by the rockets of today, which are being used for other things both beautiful and terrible. On the left are the rockets of Hamas being fired at Israel. In the centre and right of the picture are the Iron Dome missiles twisting and turning as they rise and reach out to meet them. Possibly the photo of 2021.

Written by Tom Hunter

June 22, 2021 at 12:00 pm

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