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I preferred it when his brain just froze

The Powerline guys have this right when they titled a post, “Our Bizarre President”.

They’re correct. Biden’s latest answers to questions in a press conference exhibits behaviour that can only be described by that word.

FFS, this is just painful. What the hell was working through his few remaining neurons that made him think that this is how a President answers questions. Was he trying to be funny? Was it a signature pickup line for Senators when he was hanging with Ted Kennedy, Chris Dodd and waitresses?

This guy has the nuclear codes. To think that in the 1980’s many of the same people, likely including Biden, were constantly ragging on Reagan’s age and mental fitness, who are now as quiet as mice when watching this pathetic old fossil.

I like Kamala Harris about as much as the average Democrat voter does and there’s no question that a political lifetime in the safe, Deep Blue regions of California has resulted in her being an unusually poor politician. Given her lousy treatment of people being prosecuted by that state’s Department of Justice when she was the Attorney General, plus that god-awful laugh when she’s cornered I think it’s fair to say that she’s an awful person as well.

But sooner or later she has to replace this guy as President – before a crisis hits. There’s only so much that can be run by committee.

Just on those brain freezes, there’s plenty to pick from but this is the latest, courtesy of the G7 meeting with a full ten seconds of blank. But it’s still better than the first clip.

Written by Tom Hunter

June 25, 2021 at 5:24 pm

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