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German Olympic gymnasts will wear a body leotard including leggings to combat notions of sexualisation, meanwhile the well understood women’s Beach Volleyball will continue to reveal almost all as they perform their unique athleticism on sand?

It would be rather a long stretch to accuse Gavin of sexualisation in his competing in women’s over 85Kg weight lifting whatever he may be wearing, so maybe a glimmer of positive amongst the chaotic inanity there.

Competitors in the early Olympiads after around the 15th discovered they could make better speeds wearing oil and no loincloth, history records one unfortunate guy actually tripped and fell when his loincloth fell down during a run, of course that would not have applied to Gav as there were no gender specific classes, only open, so the benighted cheating idiot would have been denied his claim to fame right there, actually thinking about that, oiled “bronzed athlete” connotations does not quite compute does it.

Any poor bastard who gets his jollies from scantily clad females on screen needs to be forced to watch Gavin lifting weight videos on a loop until it cures him.

As a one time college Gym eight member for two years back in the day my embracing of the efforts of Nadia Comaneci and others was pure poetry in motion, what she was or was not wearing, I have no recall of.

Is there any concerted effort abroad to deliver a vaccine for stupid, the need grows daily.

Written by Gravedodger

July 24, 2021 at 2:40 pm

Posted in New Zealand

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