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Local government grew out of roads boards, a natural beginning of a cooperative community structure to provide basic infrastructure to enable all weather movements of settlers to continue the development of commerce that benefitted all citizens both in consumption of goods and services and making travel more secure from disruption. Metalling (shingling for Mainlanders) roads from dirt tracks preceded the motor car and trucks and building bridges and culverts to allow passage a all times except in big floods that threatened such progress. Yes flooding is nothing new it happened regularly in the 1800s as well. Of course Maori had little need for such works as they travelled on foot with slaves to do the carriage of goods.

Funding for those early Boards came by way in the main, from self imposed levies of district land owners while the benefits were available to all including those from other districts who were paying for such infrastructure at home but were availing themselves of the improvements while passing through. The funders enjoyed the exclusive rights to oversee the works and the financing and that continued into the creation of entities that were carrying the infrastructure build to cover much more than roads and bridges. Enter County Councils along with Boroughs and Cities and those charged with the governance elected by the funders who became known as Ratepayers . Voting originally allocated proportionate, with rates paid determining the number of votes allocated. Then enlightened or benighted, however designated, decided to extend the franchise and one person one vote slowly took over as who decided where money collected as rates would be spent, followed eventually to remove the advantage allocated to rate payers who had any additional votes removed and one person one vote became the determinant.

In the closing decades of the 21st century socialists became emboldened culminating in one of the more destructive of New Zealand socialists one Geoffrey Palmer a lawyer who embarked on reducing the power of elected councillors and contemporaneously extending the powers of the Crats thus enabling the interference of enabled social justice warriors to extend their reach both into the pockets of rate payers and the embarkation into areas that had very little tangible benefit to citizens still responsible for funding local government through rates. Idiocy such as sister cities, cultural advancement, sports facilities and other nice to haves imposed further pressure on rate payers while absolving promotors and beneficiaries of such spending. Keen supporters once were forced by necessity to build a golf course a rugby ground, netball courts, swimming pools and other infrastructure by separate fundraising efforts led by those seeing a need emerging and having the persuasive powers to make it happen. Today New Zealand is watching helpless as the latest war on ratepayers continues with a battle emerging over “Three Waters” a grand scheme to not only socialise a very necessary support of all life but to include a divisive race based facet to water management both fresh and waste water using first decree based efforts to steal infrastructure from all councils whether freehold or burdened with debt, now extended by coercive bribery to all, with those bribes issued free to councillors to spend how they wish with no ties to water. What a nightmare for ratepayers and a socialist wet dream for councillors elected often by voters with no actual financial commitment towards their too often very mediocre performance.

Margaret Thatcher attempted to bring a more direct link to the costs of funding local authority for all benefitting, with her Poll Tax, quite a small contribution when spread across all residents benefitting but the left became incensed at such avoidance for those considered better able to pay for all the dross and sky castle erections in honour to the idiots who manage to confuse enough voters to get elected. Personally I see little inequity in asking all those who benefit to contribute and please nobody try the “all contribute through rates component of rental costs. Of course should some enlightened soul, unlikely at any council table since Palmer and his then best buddy Sir Brian Elwood another flawed person from Palmy, changed things for ever. Of course should landlords charge rent for their residential property and then add on the rates as payable by an occupier as is normal in most commercial property rentals things would become much clearer and voters who now contribute bugger all would have a weekly reminder that the dreams and fancies of their socialist interference runners at council would be there in full view.

As If ?

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July 26, 2021 at 7:52 am

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