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A lobby group, titled CPAG, laments the descent into so called poverdy many more thousands of vunrabble little people in spite of the very best efforts of the New Zealand world leading “leader”. Enough of that fake news the bigly story as decided during yesterdays weekly zoom meeting of Political opinion creators with Her Majesty’s vast team of media persons, we are showing our “humanity” or more accurately idiocy, by bringing “home a freedom fighter from Turkey. Is that where a Turkey voting for an early christmas comes from!

Now I am not advocating for leaving a stupid person and her two preschool spawn stateless but I will ask an obvious question as to is this Mother who left the country at SIX years old is in any shape or form a fit and proper person to “nurture the vunrabble spawn created in the mayhem of ISIS in Syria by fathers now likely deceased.

Here is a thought, Handwringer supremo Ex Judge of the court system, one Andrew Beecroft wailing and gnashing his remaining teeth over the one single problem decided as the best available news focus for now, how about you Andy, adopt the kids after they are removed from the clearly unfit mother and ensure they get the very best pathway to becoming the great citizens you waxed lyrical about this morning.

One of the estimated current how many “children in poverty”, not an easy answer with the most transparent and open government in history finding obfuscation and denial of statistics the simplest method of hiding its failures, gets a gold plated welcome home and the whole nine yards of wraparound care for ever, while thousands of other are condemned to remain challenged.

That people is another story and for now not deemed of sufficient importance to use as reliable measure of a government performance. Should however the untthinkable happen and the dysfunctional Nats get to govern it will agai. emerge as a central problem along with housing and health. For now trust us we know best???

Written by Gravedodger

July 27, 2021 at 7:52 am

Posted in New Zealand

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  1. Need to know more – Father believed to have been a a UN Somalia Refugee (?Tampa) from East Africa.
    He and family automatically get NZ Citizenship as being refugees, then bunk off to Australia, and get Aussie Citizenship too.
    She goes Muslim and to ME and becomes a camp “follower” and is impregnated by a Norwegian (and many others I would expect) – who ever he is.
    Aussies say we do not want her so cancel Citizenship – tough luck but we have kind Cindy so.
    History is showing that the young refugees in some cities in New Zealand – Hamilton for example have vicious ex refugee gangs from Somalia, like SE Sydney.
    Watch this space for Muslim reaction and further indoctrination.

    Papa Mike

    July 27, 2021 at 2:24 pm

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