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As the most controversial Olympics since dear old Schicklgruber attempted to use the 1936 event to promote his warped ideology that Aryan Supremacy could be proven, ultimately shattered when a country boy who just turned out a bit non aryan in the support cast gathered a chest of medals all gold !00 m, 200m long jump and anchored the mens 4×100 relay team.

One year delayed 2020 olympiad lost almost all credibility for moi when NZ weight Lifting promoted a 40 something male to compete in the Womens over 85 Kg class, the event threatened to deliver a killer blow to this nation’s international reputation as a country that punches above its weight should the only gold medal come from the man pretending to be a woman.

Thanks be that rowing set up a small snowslide of medals, currently now at four gold, three silver and three bronze and the embarrassing bloke is still in his pink dressing room.

I accept there are people who are confused about gender and seek to bat for the other side and are encouraged by some very amiable bowling and fielding to garner an acceptance that runs contrary to the old blokes and sheilas meme. born female and wanting to be a bloke does not toss up an inequality such as Gavin heading the opposite way does. One does not require a degree in physiology to grasp the simple facts that males muscular skeletal development on average delivers a body considerably stronger than a female and Gavin delaying his change of mind until his fourth decade and having dabbled unsuccessfully in male weight lifting previously will have a clear advantage over biological females who will likely peak well before the age when Gavin went rogue. Only medical though, eschewing any pruning by way of surgical intervention and getting a “testosterone” reading under ten nanomoles per liter but still in possession of the bones and muscles that he nurtured for in excess of thirty years after puberty.

It might be interesting to understand how Bruce Jenner who won the Olympic gold medal in Decathlon in 1972 at Montreal setting a new world record in doing so would perform in a women’s decathlon soon after becoming Caitlyn in 2015 at age 66. It is well recorded that top teenage boy athletes would defeat women personal best of any age.

If Gavin acted in a financial deal as he is attempting in weightlifting it is likely he would have “his collar felt” at least if not end up on charges of fraud. Gender dysphoria is real and complex but it is certain that Gavin Hubbard is not a womens weight lifter in accurate assessment of actual physical gender. It is noted that not all sports administrations support the wokeism that weight lifting is burying its collective head in.

Written by Gravedodger

August 1, 2021 at 8:23 am

Posted in New Zealand

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