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Escaping the blanket that prevents such inconvenient facts spoiling things, it emerges this morning the big bucks figure that the moronic City elected parasites, well a majority of them anyway, who last week made a rather unjustifiable decision to limit seating in the proposed stadium to replace Lancaster Park to a measly 25 000 patrons thereby denying the largest South Island City to never getting to host an All Black game ever again, were relying on fake data.

The announced budget blowout that exercised their collective deficit imbued brains of eighty eight Million may have been “Fake news”. the figure they should have based their totally stupid consideration on was actually only sixty one million, mostly emerging from steel and construction costs rampaging out of control. I wonder how many of those economically challenged actually understand what either figure represents.

A socialist dominated world of national and local government miss targets on a daily basis, to an extent that Ardern’s mob have abandoned such potential embarrassing occurrences entirely, but a basic error of 25% in a figure that was used to destroy the future for the City they imagine they are capable of administering should have Crats heads rolling and their councillor resignations offered to the voters before lunch time.

Sign off to build a stadium that will be appropriate in twenty five years time not a truncated little field that is totally absurd. there are acres of those in Hagley Park right now.

Cripes I went to Lancaster Park when over three times the figure settled on by the current kindy kids last week as adequate, over sixty years ago, how much has been spent on little used cycleways in the last ten years and more relevant how many more souls actually live within the catchment today.

Written by Gravedodger

August 5, 2021 at 10:01 am

Posted in New Zealand

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