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The Babylon Bee smites NY Governor Andrew Cuomo

For those of you not paying attention to US politics, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been under a cloud of credible sexual harassment allegations for months now – credible enough that the New York Attorney General, Letitia James, launched an investigation into them.

Now since James is a potential political rival of Cuomo, undoubtedly with her eyes on the governor’s mansion, I treated this with a raised eyebrow. The guy is a piece of work for sure, but these things usually evaporate, especially when a Democrat is involved.

But the other day, following months of investigation, the report dropped into public view, along with a press conference by James. The report is brutal:

“The independent investigation has concluded that Gov Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women”

Cuomo engaged in unwanted groping, kissing, hugging and comments.

he broke both state and federal laws

Cuomo created a “toxic workplace.”

Cites “climate of fear” in governor’s office.

The groping even included a female state trooper protecting the POS, and it was witnessed by another state trooper.

If you think that’s brazen then you’ll love his defence: he does it to everybody. He also held a press conference to respond, where he made this assertion and had his staff put together a montage of photos of him kissing a variety of people, or placing his hands on them.

I really don’t think that a sociopath like this is going to resign, and apparently James is not going to bring criminal charges, probably because she figures she can cause him no greater damage. He can forget about re-election in 2022 though (the NY Governorship is not term-limited and he’s been there since 2010) or election to any other position.

But here’s the thing: if he does quit it will be for this reason and not the fact that he’s responsible for at least 10,000 deaths of elderly people, stemming from his decision on March 25 last year to move elderly people from hospitals into nursing homes, whether they had Chinese Lung Pox or not.

No resident shall be denied re-admission or admission to the NH solely based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19.

It’s therefore never been surprising that New York has the worst Covid death rate of any state in the USA. It’s also not surprising that he doubled down on this by refusing to supply numbers on rest home deaths to the Federal DOJ after they requested them from US Governors while investigating breaches of the Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act (CRIPA):

The number of Public Nursing Home residents, employees, other staff, guests, and visitors who died of COVID-19 including those who died in a Public Nursing Home or after being transferred to a hospital or other medical facility, hospice, home care, or any other location.

Cuomo aide Melissa DeRosa later admitted that Team Cuomo withheld the true toll of nursing home Covid deaths due to that letter, which promptly resulted in the DOJ opening a criminal investigation into violations of the Act (no word on where that is at: likely being slow-rolled by the Biden Administration).

And so to the Bee, who sum this up perfectly:

According to virologists, young attractive women should avoid wearing short skirts and low-cut tops, as the CUOMO variant seems to gravitate toward women who it deems are provocatively dressed.

“If you find yourself smelling nothing but the scent of garlic and marinara sauce combined with profuse amounts of cheap cologne, this is a sure sign you’ve been infected,”

Three more points.

First, this coprolite was being slobbered over by other Democrats and the MSM (but I repeat myself) through 2020 about how great his management of Chinese Sinus Rot had been in his state. Ellen DeGeneres called herself a “Cuomosexual” and Chelsea Handler wrote a “love letter” to Cuomo for Vogue.


It was a love fest even as voices were being raised about his March decision on rest homes and the like. So bad was it that the Crown Publishing Group (subsidiary of Penguin) actually paid Cuomo $5.12 million spread over two tax years for the rights to his book, American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic. It’s a shame that the same deals weren’t available in 1860: Democrat President Buchanan could have cleaned up.

To be fair, Washington Post Trump hater, James Hohmann, wrote that it happened because of TDS. The US Left were desperate for an anti-Trump hero and as the previous hero, Michael Avanetti, went down in flames, Cuomo seemed to be the perfect replacement. Don’t be too impressed though: Hohmann is fine with that.

I should also add that one of the best takedowns of his incompetence was by Lefty, Lefty, Lefty publication ProPublica:

City health officials were disinvited from subsequent planning meetings with health care providers. Calls and emails were ignored. Information sharing in the midst of a pandemic halted.

The city official said city health workers asked their state counterparts what had caused the sudden lack of communication and cooperation. It was out of character for people the city had worked with intimately for years. Their counterparts would not or could not say, but the city official concluded it had been ordered from the governor’s office.

Which fits with the rest of his “management” style. The article is long, but worth reading in its entirety.

Second, it seems likely that he made this decision because of his corporate donors:

The most plausible explanation I’ve heard is that Cuomo was doing a favor for big hospitals that, given the scope of the pandemic, preferred not to treat these people.

That included Cuomo dissing “experts”:

When I say ‘experts’ in air quotes, it sounds like I’m saying I don’t really trust the experts. Because I don’t.

Well I don’t think that’s a standard Democrat/Leftist narrative, but of course he was forgiven on that in exactly the same way a GOP politician would not be for the same statement.

Third, I see that the Ambulatory Root Vegetable currently acting as US President, has confirmed his previous statement that Cuomo should step down because of the AG sexual harassment report. Seriously? His team have done well protecting him but what were they thinking when they allowed him to say that.

Written by Tom Hunter

August 5, 2021 at 12:00 pm

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  1. They’re all up in arms over what is really trivial in the larger scheme of things. This isn’t rape or paedophilia, and much less than what Clinton was accused of. Reminds of the faux horror regarding Nixon. Accused of being a crook by real crooks!


    August 5, 2021 at 12:43 pm

    • True, but to be fair to the Democrats it would seem that they’re actually trying to impose a consistent standard on themselves for once, which I applaud as an exception to their usual standard of rules for thee but not for me.

      Of course, given how Biden escaped any serious MSM coverage of the Tara Reade accusations – which had Democrats acknowledging them as likely true even as they voted for Biden – we probably have to mark the Cuomo stuff down to New York Democrat in-fighting.

      Tom Hunter

      August 5, 2021 at 12:48 pm

  2. The people crucifying Cuomo are the same people who will welcome Polanski back. There your real PoS.


    August 5, 2021 at 12:45 pm

  3. Heh. The following two comments are right on the money…

    James isn’t bringing actual criminal charges against Cuomo. That would take her away from her focus on destroying the NRA and President Trump. The investigation, like the orchestrated calls for Cuomo to resign, something he has no intention of doing, are a thinly disguised primary campaign. The Democrats want Cuomo’s job, they aren’t about to hold him accountable. An actual criminal trial would be too dangerous and would threaten too many party interests. Democrats want to primary Cuomo. They don’t want to lock him up. And if he survives the primary challenges, they’ll go back to being ‘Cuomosexuals’ all over again. And Attorney General James will go back to praising Cuomo as a feminist. Cuomo was as good at fake moral outrage as James and his Democrat opponents.


    … as horrible as the serial sexual abuse of women and the corruption of his staff and the media to cover it all up and smear the accusers, this is to put out the real fire over his gross incompetence and possible malice aforethought in a policy that directly led to the deaths of at least 15,000 or more elderly nursing home residents by exposing them to the patients with Chinese Lung AIDS. And if Cuomo has to fall for that so do equally execrable monsters like Phil Murphy, Ned Lamont, Tom Wolf and Wretched Whitmer to name but a few. That to me is the real reason this is breaking right now.

    Tom Hunter

    August 5, 2021 at 1:19 pm

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