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Yesterday a relatively new one hour of US Fox News had a short segment where the Host Greg Gutfeld and guests discussed where might be the safest place to run to to escape armageddon in whatever form it might take. It boiled down to three quite quickly, Iceland, Ireland and New Zealand. Iceland too cold, Ireland too wet leaving New Zealand standing.

There have been such rambling discussions around the world after the way things became a bit awful for Jewish peoples caught in the wrong place during Herr Schicklgruber’s nightmare unfolding in Europe mid 20th century and it often comes down to right here as an option.

Yesterday such affairs became a latest wriggling on a fishhook for the wonderful government we are enjoying at present when a little matter of a very rich person who had opted for a small resort island in the Fiji islands suddenly had a child become sick and apparently made a mercy dash to this country for medical help. Nothing related to the older tale that has also been wrapped in mystery and intrigue following a sixty something ailing UN WHO person was denied treatment by three Auckland based DHBs only to have such minor problems disappeared in one night, allegedly following an intervention by a former PM and UN aficionado, often closely linked to the current occupant of the Beehive Ninth floor. That too seemed to have a sudden and great need for total news silence with only small snippets emerging ever so slowly to the disinfecting sunlight.

Yesterday it was a chap Larry Page apparently not short of a few cents here and there who along with others created “Google” and became obscenely wealthy. I have no problems with such suddenly elevated to croesus status persons until they attempt to employ their great wealth to consider rules and inconvenient laws need a degree of circumventing when they impinge on their perceived elite position. Apparently Page who sought solitude in Fiji during the Rona panic suddenly discovered that Rona ravaged Fiji might not be such a great place for an ailing daughter, so he fired up the little “Auster” relative and flew to Auckland seeking treatment. Well who knew and who didn’t know, any answers that might have emerged from an incursion that has become such a monumental problem for ordinary New Zealand citizens wanting to see family here and people trapped here wanting perfectly natural feelings assuaged in overseas places , coming up against the shambolic but apparently almost impenetrable wall that Faafoi presides over as the Tsar of such normal human intercourse. Not a problem apparently for Larry it seems but a veritable cabal of Ministers of the Crown ducking and diving for cover.

Circumventing a closed border, MIQ places and venues, citizenship, residency, queue jumping, money, influence suddenly a raft of cases where felines evidently got certain body parts causing total silence, in the main a muscular organ anchored to the base of a mouth and the hyoid bone in the pharynx, that little bit that often indicates strangulation when damaged?

Recall the cacophonic media barrages when anyone with probably a hell of a lot smaller pile of money than Larry Page could be linked to John Key when he was PM, yesterday almost total silence and the few who risked hurt by appearing above the ramparts were drowned out by crickets.

Come in Wayne, earth calling Wayne, where the bloody hell is Wayne.

Written by Gravedodger

August 5, 2021 at 9:22 am

Posted in New Zealand

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