New cases reported during the past 24 hours24
Active casesAt the border42
In the community51
Under investigation/other0
Most recent case reported21 August 2021
Most recent case reported due to community transmission (spread within our communities)21 August 2021
COVID-19 casesChange in last 24 hoursTotal

First time I have ventured to the MoH website.

Would be really informative if the 26 deceased (dead would take less space and ink). were actually accompanied with analysis as to what the comorbidity situation was as clearly the Rona does not cause death by itself, however the exacerbation of comorbid ailments on board soon reaches out to send them on to the “grim reaper”. I understand the comparative younger dead in NSW are well primed for that last journey. I know it runs contrary to the now well established fear induction strategy but afaik few die from information overload.

OK random question; how many presenting for “testing” actually have symptoms however mild, and how many are just clogging system.

Am I correct in understanding that needle inserters are now swabbing or are the two activities separate teams?

Parliament needs to be sitting while half the population are on full pay and perks while the other half, the real wealth creators are being decimated. Yes comorbidities abound amongst the MPs there but they are paid to rule not sit around in Gaytown, yes Faafoi, looking at you, witless protection indeed.

A slow growing number of New Zealand Patriots are beginning to see through the veil of spin that has HRH halo looking increasingly tarnished while ‘Rome’ burns, and she is too self absorbed to actually pick up a fiddle!

Crikey that there secession for the South Island Peoples is looking increasingly damned attractive every day that passes.







2 responses to “DAY FIVE”

  1. John JohnO Avatar
    John JohnO

    Add to your question of how many of the dead had comorbidities: how many would have likely been alive within 12 months without COVID? I think this would bring the 26 to 3 or 4 deaths effectively down to COVID alone.

    Now ask this: how many deaths caused by lockdowns? I believe that suicides alone would exceed the effective COVID total. Add to that other deaths caused by sick people not getting to see doctors or prevented from accessing medical care for various other ailments such as cancer, heart disease, other respiratory ailments and so on.

    In short, more deaths from lockdown than from COVID. What we will never know is the number of COVID deaths under a carefully managed non-lockdown, ala Sweden but with better care of vulnerable groups.

  2. uncoffined Avatar

    To answer your question regarding testing, I’ll give you an example.
    If say a staff member or student of a school is tested positive, then the whole school has to be tested, and all their families have to self isolate until a negative test comes back for their child. The children themselves are probably in perfectly good health

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