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Die MSM, Die – YOU have been fact checked

As the MSM and journalists in general have lost the trust of large chunks of the Western populations, a new scam has arisen.

Fact checkers.

These people would supposedly do quick and easy rebuttals – typically on Twitter and Facebook, which reward brevity – of things being said by public figures, starting with politicians. You could trust fact checkers because they weren’t journalists and they were not partisans.

Except they were, but you wouldn’t know that unless you investigated their backgrounds and the stories they had written in the past.

It took several years but gradually people have caught up to these scam artists. Recently their flaws have become a bit of a flood. Snopes founder, David Mikkelson getting done for “pervasive fraud” and plagiarism. Then the Washington Post’s “fact checker” Glenn Kessler got caught out playing dirty with right-wing journalist Christopher Rufo because his reporting on Critical Race Theory was starting to hurt the US Left. Kessler implied that Rufo had faked a source and stolen original material from one Karlyn Borysenko, and emailed her on that. Luckily she was honest and slammed Kessler hard by making the exchange public.

But he did suggest that Rufo was lying about knowing that person in a gross attempt to garner dirt when none existed. This is how the news media operates. They go into a story with a pre-determined outcome in mind, in this case, that Rufo lied and therefore can’t be trusted as an opponent of CRT. They then fish around for comments to take out of context to place in their article to make it seem factual.

Kessler was not fact-checking here. Instead, he had already decided what he thought Rufo had done and he was searching for someone to provide a money quote to back him up. He was foiled this time and got completely exposed for the hack he is, but imagine how many times he hasn’t been exposed while doing this same thing to other people

But the best one yet happened just the other day after Biden was seen checking his watch while at Dover AFB as the bodies of thirteen US soldiers were delivered from Afghanistan, where they had been killed by an ISIS suicide bombing attack. The USA Today “fact checker” decided to plunge in on this rather minor story that made Biden look bad.


His claim was that it only happened once and only after the dignified transfer was over. As fact-checks go, that write-up wasn’t unusual, being filled with the sort of unearned arrogance, obfuscation and sophistry that is standard for the fact-checking industry. He even challenged people to “watch the video for yourself.

Unfortunately for him, people did, and what they saw was Biden doing this not once but multiple times as the caskets went past, which led to something remarkable happening on his USA Today “Fact Check” section.

Missing context? Fuck you USA Today. Funke’s fact-check, which literally was written to check the facts, got the facts completely wrong in a failed attempt to dunk on Republicans for pointing out Biden checked his watch many times. Much of the article itself has been rewritten as well.

As journalist Jim Treacher (no friend of Trump I need to add, as usual) commented:

This is better, but it’s still a lie. The story was “updated” to note the incontrovertible truth that the piece was originally intended to obfuscate, but the “correction” still claims there’s “missing context.” Like what? There’s no missing context. Biden was checking his damn watch as the coffins went by. It’s a simple fact.

The only “context” is that Biden embarrassed himself, his party, and his country. He’s a bad president and an even worse human being.

If the press will lie about something as easy to verify as news footage of a man checking his watch, what won’t they lie about? They’ll even insult Gold Star families at a funeral, just to protect the man whose ineptitude and dishonesty killed those Marines.

The press will say anything they need to say to help their political party hold onto power. They don’t care about the truth, and they don’t care about you.

This wasn’t a fact-check. It’s some Democrats with bylines doing damage control for the Democrat president.

The fact-checking industry is a joke. The only reason it exists is to serve as a facade for partisan hacks to appear as if they operate from a place of authority. These people are not really journalists, not non-partisan, and they sure as hell are not holding powerful people to account. No, they’re just more media lapdogs for the Left, ready to gum the ankles of anyone who attacks Biden, even if it’s for nothing more than making fun of the imbecilic (H/T Tony Blair), senile old prick.

As Treacher noted some years ago:

That’s more true today than it was in 2014.

Written by Tom Hunter

September 4, 2021 at 5:30 pm

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  1. One of the big problems these days is deciding what is true and what is not, sometimes, the easist way is just not to believe anything at face value.


    September 4, 2021 at 8:49 pm

    • That’s what they’re counting on.


      September 4, 2021 at 9:29 pm

    • True, but if you ignore the news altogether, life is a lot easier.


      September 5, 2021 at 7:00 am

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