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As a follow-up to my post the other day about the infamous and discredited “Fact Checking” industry, herewith a story about yet another stain on their media hand maidens. These things happen so frequently one can’t keep up so it’s really a matter of picking the most prominent.

The magazine Rolling Stone had a proud history from its start in the late 1960’s covering the rapidly groth industry of rock music. Over the decades it produced a lot of interesting stuff: interviews with musicians and other artists, reviews of albums. It even made some good forays into politics.

While the rest of the MSM has been crushed in revenues by things like Craigslist, followed by Google and Facebook, specialist magazines have been punished by the Internet in different ways. In the case of Rolling Stone, two specific ways.

First of all, music listeners of all ages no longer wait for such places to review albums and singles. As those hit the likes of iTunes and Spotify they’re instantly blasted around the world to billions of people who make up their own minds as to whether they were “good” (not listening to “experts”, shocking I know). Even if you want to analyze why a song is brilliant there are people on the Internet who can do that analysis far more brilliantly (see Rick Beato in Two Artists and two works of Art).

Second, the stars themselves could reach their fans directly and in ways far more immediate and intimate than could be obtained in stuffy old interviews. Neither group really needed Rolling Stone any more.

As a result, the magazine has degenerated in the same way that the rest of the MSM industry has; the shallow, slimey world of click-bait, Left-Wing ideology pushed harder than ever, and partisan political hackery.

I thought they had reached bottom a few years ago when they ran a huge cover story about a gang rape at a university that turned out to be a complete hoax. But they managed to go lower than that when they put a full-face picture of one of the Boston Marathon bombers on the cover: just like a rock star.

By comparison the hit job they tried the other day doesn’t seem so bad. There’s been quite the debate about whether a product called Ivermectin can be used to treat patients suffering from Chinese Xi Snot virus. It’s used to de-worm horses but has long been approved for the same function in humans. It’s about 50 years old and its inventor won a Nobel Prize for it.

Whether it’s any good against the symptoms of this virus I don’t know, but certainly those groups pushing vaccination (including mandatory vaccination) are very much against it. They don’t appear too keen on pushing other treatments like monoclonal antibodies either, despite that having medically documented success in treating Covid-19 patients.

But if you’re against the use of Ivermectin then you pull out the emotional big guns of the debate: that you’re killing more deserving people because you’re a pig-ignorant moron who OD’d on it and and thus deprived them of hospital beds. Even (gasp) gunshot victims (fall to knees, wring hands, wail loudly until you guilt your way to forcing others to do as you say).

The problem with their heart-wrenching, shroud-waving story was that it was bullshit, as would have been revealed by a few phone calls to the hospital.

While not as bad as the rape story and Boston Bomber stuff it is still another example of how shoddy “journalism” is nowadays. All the good ones are moving to Substack (“A place for independent writing”).

Oh, and remember that it was a medical doctor who started and went with these lies. A sort of lessor Dr Fauci.

For fun, here’s the Babylon Bee.

Written by Tom Hunter

September 6, 2021 at 12:33 pm

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  1. When the Kungflu first hit, researchers in Australia and Japan discovered that the Rona has an Achilles heel. Zinc. The virus relies on one particular enzyme in order to replicate. A Zinc ion binding to this enzyme renders it useless, so the virus can’t replicate its genetic material. Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine aid with transporting zinc into the cells – so does an over-the counter-product called Quercetin by the way. (Treat the Rona yourself, quercetin, Vitamin C & zinc)

    However, Ivermec & Hydroxy have been off-patent for decades and a 10 day course will only cost around $17.

    In other news, Pfizer is set to earn $33.5 bil USD this year alone with Moderna way behind with $9 bil USD. Why would you want to repurpose cheap, off-patent therapeutics when you can sell an expensive “vaccine”. Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer has recently suggested that people may now require perhaps three boosters a year ! Shareholders have also recently been told that a new “vaccine” will need to begin development within in six months because the current shit will be completely useless by then.

    The good news is that Pfizer is in late stage trials of a therapeutic that will be used in conjunction with the “vaccine” I haven’t seen this confirmed yet, but it apparently acts as a conduit to get zinc ions into the cells. A bit like Ivermectin & Hydroxy ! The Babylon Bee piss-take in the post appears to be quite accurate.

    I’m alright, I have a whole stash of Chloros at home, I used to take then when I was working in PNG to stop picking up malaria.

    Porky Roebuck

    September 6, 2021 at 1:54 pm

  2. I’m not sure when Ivermectin gets to a toxic level. It’s purported to have a wide range of safety,
    I take 0point2 mg per kg each week [ 15grams ]
    We’re surrounded by Covid syndrome here in Bangkok. The cases I know are crook for a few days then better ,
    Its interesting to see now that Pfizer are making this it is no longer poison.
    The Medical profession which towed the line about HQC and Ivermectin will never be trusted again; specifically the Medical Councils.

    Paul Scott

    September 7, 2021 at 8:55 am

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