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But maybe Judge Callinicos should check his super account as his future as a member of the Judiciary might just be in jepredy.

There has been a slightly drawn out judicial process under way in Napier over a Welfare child, a girl of five years, who was placed with a quaintly described as “Pakeha couple” as foster carers. Apparently totally devoid of any racism that arrangement was before the Judge to rule on ending the wardenship to avoid the child becoming a normal New Zealander in being deprived of CULTURAL experiences in her formative time away from who knows what the previous arrangement was providing in her initial two years since birth.

Things became very complicated when first the then head of the Now Maori heavily influenced welfare agency Sir Wira Gardiner intervened by contacting the Chief District Court Judge overseeing Callinicos, one Heemi Taumaunu in a gross breach of judicial protocols designed to provide a barrier to undue influence being exerted. Gardiner had also been in touch with the Principal Judge of the family court, Jackie Moran over concerns the three year placement could not meet the child’s cultural needs. Wtf were they not administering damaging assaults on the child or what, maybe not “dropping her on her head” when she “fell” off a table perhaps.

There will be no “nice” Landings from the bullshit at all levels being introduced to new Zealand Society in the He Puapua scheme to bring apartheid into The New Zealand scene at all levels where a dominant racial minority seeks to dominate the rest of the citizens, and that domination to be at the hands of heredity unelected bosses of the tribal system so entrenched in maoridom.

Of course all this comes from the major rewriting of the Treaty of Waitangi by the Law guru Sir Geoffrey Palmer with his introduction of “Partnership” a word never recorded in any single edition of that now much out of date document used as a device to bring and end to tribal warfare that had escalated with the addition of Muskets to the weaponry available in the early nineteenth century. It is indeed a wonder no one has ever “discovered” another draft of that treaty between Queen Victoria and an assorted bunch of self proclaimed “Leaders” of tribes. I warrant there would be a lot of conjecture among many maori had they access to a lawyer to challenge the validity of those “Chiefs in a court of law such as was being employed to foster racism in Napier.

Consider for a moment how the now deeply buried Privy Council might have ruled on the pure racism being exhibited in this little contretemps, Ha Ha Ha, thanks very much Helen.

Written by Gravedodger

September 10, 2021 at 11:11 am

Posted in New Zealand

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