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Councillor for the Banks Peninsula Ward Of Christchurch City, also Deputy Mayor to Lianne the not always truthful, Andrew Turner (aptly named hahaha) has been given the task of delivering the news, “Sail GP’ already postponed is now cancelled.

Another great socialist announcement later deannounced, but the one question, in fact probably the only question for the rate payer funders of all such great moments, how much was “invested” and now flushed in sponsoring sport that very few get to participate in?

Announced last January amidst a fanfare that might accompany an Olympic Games successful allocation, The Multi Million event would put Christchurch City on the Map. Excuse me it is already on most maps I see, but anyway here was yet another tremendous Socialist spend up of OPMs, hell one of the blurbs even managed to include the Te Reo name of the Harbour, Whakaraupo. A name my limited understanding of Te Reo might suggest Boat Swamp, hardly a scene to background a Multi million boat race.

So Andy, fess up what did you and yur mates spend for nought

Written by Gravedodger

September 17, 2021 at 8:25 am

Posted in New Zealand

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