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Xinese Xi Snot Graphing

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It’s been a while since I looked at the progress around the world against Xi Jinping’s bastard child experiment.

Here’s a comparison I’ve not seen before: Israel vs Sweden.

South Korea with yet another demonstration of how masks don’t work against this virus and never have.

Comparisons within the USA.

Here’s a fun one. Try to guess which state out of these two had the tougher policies on social distancing, lockdowns, masks, vaccinations and other policies over the past eighteen months.

Getting away from all those messy continental borders that can’t be completely sealed, here’s the good old island state of Hawaii again, from just over a month ago.

Obviously all these measures need to be tested to destruction.


Written by Tom Hunter

September 19, 2021 at 10:00 am

2 Responses

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  1. As always its dangerous to just look at infection rates in the Dakota’s.

    Nth Dakota
    125,630 infections
    1618 deaths
    Death rate: 1.287%

    Sth Dakota
    139,956 infections
    2100 deaths
    Death Rate : 1.50%

    So both are doing really well in terms of the death rate, well below US averages and world averages. Perhaps better to live in Nth Dakota at the moment

    Israel has had 7,511 deaths out of 1,220,397 infected (.6 of 1 percent)
    Sweden has had 14,734 deaths out of 1,144,982 infections (1.28% death rate)
    As Tom points out Israel is racing to catch up with Sweden, the latter having little or no deaths in the recent weeks/months.

    While we all know Sweden made a mistake with the rest homes very early in the piece, they weren’t the only ones, they have relied on natural immunity backed by vaccination but with a free society, as has Denmark.


    September 19, 2021 at 2:09 pm

  2. Rossco, Rossco, Roscco

    Some mathematics education is in order

    How “deaths™” are counted varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. All we can really say for ND is that 1618 provides an upper bound for the number of “Covid Deaths™”

    Likewise 2100 provides an upper bound for SD

    And given that for a significant number of Covid infections™ there are no symptoms whatsoever and the only knowledge of the disease within a individual is a positive test result, large numbers of Covid infections™ go undetected

    Thus 125,630 provides the lower bound for the number of “infections” in ND and 139,956 provides the lower bound for the number of “infections” in SD

    Dividing the former by that latter in both cases and expressing the result mathematically yields
    ND Death Rate ≤ 1.287%
    SD Death Rate 1.287% 1.50%

    Comparing the two is essentially meaningless without a lot more information.

    What we can say about our current Delta situation is that an army of Government employed drones armed with nasal swabs is out and about on the great virus hunt and have found 1050 cases asof today.

    And the grim total of deaths in the current outbreak is 1. Just one elderly woman in her nineties has died during this current crisis

    And the circus continues

    But to suggest all this drama is all a vast over reaction is to invite ridicule

    So I wont


    September 19, 2021 at 3:39 pm

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