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No I do not, nor ever have “done Coke”, possibly due to being too tight to waste my money.

Anyway there has been a somewhat concerted media prepping to usher in a lowering of the “Short Sharp” lockdown that has gone into a sixth week for Dorkland possibly from L4 to L3.75 or some such similar inanity.

If the business shake down was originally put in place in response to one, yes one single case of the Rona how is it now being suggested, with new cases in the twenties and overnight a break out into the Waikato with three Ronas, the danger is diminished? Could it possibly be in any way connected to the growing disquiet that The Team is under threat of a destructive collapse. likely indicated in the Polling the simple morons base their thought processes upon.

That the entire South Island has been in L2 as a response to zero, yes zero cases, in spite of the widely publicised escape of two prisoners to Wanaka from Rona Central, is a clear indication the power mad are clueless. I reluctantly accept that any outbreak may require a few days of severely restricted movement of a population to assess what why and when, however five weeks at an estimated cost of something approaching ten billion dollars in direct losses, is economic crazy recklessness, any CEO would be facing his Board within one fricken week for a please explain before being handed a DCM.

Of course the financial losses are of no moment with a high proportion of the fifty percent economic illiterates who we are reliably (sic) informed still think the government is on track, remaining on full pay, full benefits or subsidised wages so the actual catastrophic losses being incurred by a very small proportion of the citizens remain statistics easily ignored along with equally disastrous mental health and general health degradation also kept very quiet.

Someone suggested that if all were financially penalised to the degree that small business operators are being challenged with, maybe there would be a different approach to the ignorance based policies that are in place. Although meritorious that would be even more disastrous, one thing that has been moderately successful is the economy has survived although when the invoices are presented for the printing, borrowing and increased debt along with revelations as to how wasteful and poorly directed almost all of the big spend has actually been, things will not look quite so rosy.

I note Self proclaimed “Bishop” Brian Tamaki has picked a scab off the subject “that shall not be discussed”, namely suicide and self harm, but that will be quickly and deeply interred before it becomes embarrassing such is the strongly held belief supported by the compliant media such things don’t happen because the Podium of arm waving and boring obfuscations will never address such matters.

The latest political broadcast on behalf of the NZLP and self gratification for the queen bee will begin at 1600 hrs or as soon thereafter as her Highness deigns to step forward, and within an hour or so thereafter, her dwindling supporters will discover what crumbs they will be allowed to enjoy. It is very difficult to make any guess as to what will be delivered but suffice to say , in the light of one case being more than sufficient to shut the Nation down, new cases in twenty four hours in the twenties and an expansion of Places of interest beyond a notional “border” gives rise to media speculation, who could possibly know.

For me I have to wash my hair at four this arvo so all will be revealed when I get back to the interwebby, cant really stand the suspense anyway, might spill my afternoon meds, now that would be really serious.

Written by Gravedodger

September 20, 2021 at 10:34 am

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  1. “Our plan – the four Alert Levels” that was delivered to everybodys’ letterbox March last year, is still current per the Unite against, govt. web site. Level 4 risk assessment is – Sustained and intensive transmission; Widespread outbreaks.
    No-one seemed to ask how one person said to have Covid could cause a Level 4 lock up.
    (On this site, No Minister, Tom Hunter has shown multiple times that lock ups don’t work).
    There is a quote of 900 positive tests which is supposed to frighten us, but that is only 0.06% of a 1.5 million population.
    Quotations from Auckland business owners tend to say they agree that the lock ups and closures of their business are necessary.

    Level 3 risk assessment is – community transmission occurring OR multiple clusters break out. Going by the proclaimed test results, that is what Auckland is said to have. Last info a while back was only 34 hospitalisations.

    I have the distinct impression that a great many NZers believe that any government monies spent, just magically appears. They’re divorced from the reality that taxes of various forms are the source of any money that governments get to spend. {Some Crown Enterprises generate a profit}

    Peter Stevens

    September 20, 2021 at 2:34 pm

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