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I still have a few sources close to the action and I rarely use them for obvious reasons, but if true this time, enlightening would be a fit..

There has been a few raised eyebrows over how the Nation was locked down tIght after ONE RONA POSITIVE five weeks ago, then lo and behold yesterday in the face of twenty plus “NEW” Rona cases including three in rural Waikato over the border, Auckland did indeed become L3 as widely speculated.

Add in an unfortunate incident for a major “industry” participant who was stopped at the border and a Hundred thousand dollars and a boot full of KFC was ‘taken into custody”.

So is there any truth that a major contributor to the not revealed sum of knowledge leading powers that be holding confidence sufficient they know enough to relax house Arrest for many more, shall we say more innocents.

If there were no gangs in Auckland City there would be less Rona but those fewer cases would not be so recognisable to plod and the MoH? Could be misinformed but it does tally with what occurred yesterday, to my blunderstanding anyway.

Written by Gravedodger

September 21, 2021 at 10:39 am

Posted in New Zealand

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