No Minister

How many more times

WOO HOO. We’re out of Level 4 lockdown and….

… that means we’re still trapped in our homes but with take out food.

Thrill me.

I’ve been to both cities. This story is entirely believable.

Don’t worry about the following picture of US military officers. They’re all trans-men. You can be confident that they represent the best of the USA as they move forward to more military humiliations in the future.

But back to Chinese Xi Snot, which remains the overwhelming topic of conversation in New Zealand even before the latest lockdown. I assume most readers are familiar with the famous little children’s book.

Soundproof? I think you mean virus-proof. Don’t believe me? Observe how many idiots you’ve seen wearing masks in open air parks in recent weeks.

Just imagine the guy on the branch as our Ministry of Health.

Spotted the other day on Social Media, because Science:

I put that real-life piece up in case you thought the following was jus too dumb to be real.

Meantime it looks like the Democrats have taken a leaf out of the Jacinda Adern Communication Strategy that pays $110 million to our local MSM to “save” them, with the following piece tucked away in that $3.5 trillion bill they’re trying to pass in Congress.

Because it’s America and everything is bigger, that item runs in the billions of dollars.

This is what America used to do with billions of dollars.

The final reduction gear on the USS North Carolina

Written by Tom Hunter

September 22, 2021 at 8:01 am

Posted in Humour

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