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If you thought Auckland was doing it tough after a month at Level 4 then spare a thought for the many Melbournians who have been forceably incarcerated in their homes for close to 300 days per courtesy of a heavy handed, control-freak, socialist government. And while you can fairly deplore the actions of the protesters in Melbourne you can perhaps understand their frustration over the vaccine mandate being implemented by Premier Andrews … a mandate that will see construction workers, tradies, teachers and support staff, barred from working unless they are fully vaccinated.

And don’t you just luv the ‘collective punishment’ bit that saw Andrews shut down the entire construction industry (300,000 workers) over the action of 500 or so CFME unionists who vented their displeasure over the vaccine mandate outside the CFME Union Office in central Melbourne although I must admit to a certain wry smile … the CFME Union is the praetorian guard of the Labor left faction that holds sway in Victorian State Labor politics.

And don’t think it can’t happen in NZL. Trevor Mallard is already making noises about barring people from Parliament if they’re not vaccinated. Think about that and reflect. Sure you can argue its their own choice and they make that decision knowing the consequences of their decision … but Parliament … the House of the People????? That’s a step too far.

Be very clear. I’m pro-vaccination as a way forward to ‘normality’ however defined. But I respect absolutely the right of the small number of people who make an informed choice not to be vaccinated. In a free society there are limits on the meme of ‘the greatest good for the greatest number’. Mandatory vaccination and you’re no longer living in a free society. You can fairly ask what’s the next step … compulsory euthanasia for the terminally ill on the basis that the heath dollar could be better spent elsewhere. Nah, if you believe in a free society there are some things worth fighting for and the vaccine mandate ain’t one of those things.

Written by The Veteran

September 23, 2021 at 10:29 am

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  1. … spare a thought for the many Melbournians who have been forceably incarcerated in their homes for close to 300 days courtesy of a heavy handed, control-freak, socialist government…

    Sydney has been under the same type of lockdowns for almost three months, adding 90+ days to last years multi-week lockdowns. Britain went through something like this for months.

    Both are centre-right governments, which is not surprising as centre-right and centre-left parties across the Western world, have agreed on lockdowns as a centrist, sensible policy. Moreover, as we are regularly reminded by the sensible, centrist moderates of journalists, public health figures and even retired politicians, the majority of the public support this.

    And that last gives me pause in saying “Poor Melbourne”; these people have repeatedly voted for these types of politicians and this type of government. Control freak behaviour was always on the cards. To be fair, as I’ve just pointed out, the Opposition would have been no different.

    Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard. – H. L. Mencken

    Tom Hunter

    September 23, 2021 at 11:08 am

    • Then, how do you explain that life in London is much closer to normal than it is in Melbourne?
      Boris may have gone the lockdown route but not nearly as severely or certainly as lengthy.
      “No different” is not correct.
      There are still differences between the way the left and the right treat society.
      The left are far closer to communism and the power of force, and always will be.


      September 23, 2021 at 11:20 am

  2. Well “Kloyd0306′, it seems to be connected to the fact that Britains vaccine programme moved much faster than Australia’s, which provided Boris with the rationale he needed to ease up – even as Covid cases (Delta) continued to push on at what were once held to be “scary” levels.

    Tom Hunter

    September 23, 2021 at 11:24 am

  3. Tom … I disagree with your thesis that the right and left are the same. Contrast the behavior of Andrews vs Berejiklian. Andrews heavy handed in the extreme. Berejiklain adopted a far more nuanced approach, Chalk and cheese.

    Kloyd0306 has it right.

    The Veteran

    September 23, 2021 at 11:41 am

    • And now Melbourne is known as ‘Te Dan Andreas Fault.

      By hell, I wish I’d thought that one up!


      September 23, 2021 at 11:50 am

    • Contrast the behavior of Andrews vs Berejiklian.

      Well somebody in Aussie was already ahead on this one..

      Tom Hunter

      September 23, 2021 at 11:50 am

    • Well if we translate this argument to the local scene we’re left asking what National would have done differently from Adern? We have had none other than Wayne Mapp repeatedly assuring us that National fully supported all these things, which is backed up by their public statements as well as his assurance that many National MP’s think as he does (on a great many issues).

      As usual, about the only thing I can possibly acknowledge as “different” might be that National would have spent the past year managing the vaccine programme much better and faster, as well as building a surge capacity in ICU. And that’s only a “might” since I have grave doubts that National now has many people as competent as Key, English, Joyce and Ryall.

      But that is a difference in degree, not kind, and that’s no longer good enough for me.

      Tom Hunter

      September 23, 2021 at 11:52 am

  4. I perhaps need to make one further point. While it is easy to condemn the protesters for their actions at Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance you can also argue that in one sense you can understand the synergy of the protest … a Shrine dedicated to the sacrifice of those who gave it all in the pursuit of freedom and the actions of those who see their civil liberties, including the right to work, stripped away by an authoritarian State government.

    The Veteran

    September 23, 2021 at 12:09 pm

  5. Nah, if you believe in a free society there are some things worth fighting for and the vaccine mandate ain’t one of those things.

    Something I have been trying to argue with my more staunch libertarian mates, without much success. I agree entirely. It ain’t worth the fight.

    Nick K

    September 23, 2021 at 12:15 pm

  6. Vet I dont think you are well informed or you have been watching mainstream media.

    Otherwise you left a zero off your estimate, 5,000 to 10,000 would be a better estimate.

    They have been at it for 3 days now.

    Their numbers were so great on day 1 the police didnt interfere.

    I suggest you look at Rebel News, I suggest you look at 6 News, a new start up, and a lot of the other “real” news channels that are available on U tube as well as Channel 7

    Rebel news has a 20 minute analysis where Avi interviewed a lot of people in that crowd. Really pissed that the police battened a 70 year old women to the ground and then pepper sprayed her, that was the day before the workers revolted.

    Oh by the way i know why they took that action of assulting the Marxist Union offices, the facts of the matter, you dont!

    I am sorry but I can agree with your analysis as you have misrepresented it.

    It is far more powerful and deep movement than you think. And it is angry.

    In my view it is becoming a locus for the the rebellion against tyranny

    I would suggest any politician here spends some time on proper research on this movement, it could well be the future of there and here..


    September 23, 2021 at 12:16 pm

    • Gueez Rossco … give me a break. I thought mine was a balanced view. I understand the protesters anger over the vaccine mandate. I understand their anger over collective punishment. I understand the frustrations occasioned by close to 300 days of lock-down. But you would be naive to think there wasn’t an anarchist tinge/fringe to the protest. It tiz what it tiz. As for your alt news outlets … they too can be accused of gilding the lilly to advance their own agenda.

      FYI … the CFME is formally affiliated to the Victorian State Labor Party.

      The Veteran

      September 23, 2021 at 12:35 pm

    • Yes Vet I am well aware that the Union HQ is affiliated to the Labour Party

      I now suspect a significant portion of the membership is no longer that way.

      Did you see the part where the Union HQ muscle came out of the building and started assaulting their members
      Did you see where those very same toughs, went out the back door of Union house armed with spades, bars and an assortment of weapons and were going to attack the crowd from the side/
      Did you see the police firing rubber bullets in to the HQ toughs to disperse them, not the crowd.?

      What, so you are telling me Mainstream Media dont have an agenda, mate who paid off the ones here, and you somehow think the MSM Australia is a bunch of angels.

      Oh and by the way I watch both sides of the media, and its easy to see where the bullshit is. Based on no facts at all the media were repeating your anachist message. What out of 5000 crowd 20 maybe were anarchist.

      I marched in Springbok tour protests. I can tell you there were some of your anarchist people in that, but 99% were ordinary people.

      And clearly you havent watched the other side of the news, and while I applaud you bringing it front and center here, I object to your spin.

      Suggest you look at drone footage gives a better factual take on the size of the crowd rather than a 20 ish young girl from SkyNews Australia.

      Oh have you noted all the other protests around the world, UK, Canada, Germany.

      Those fuckin anarchists are everywhere 🙂


      September 23, 2021 at 12:59 pm

  7. Tom … well you don’t know and will never know. I agree it comes down to the degree of intervention and all I know from my involvement in politics that National is more likely to be more ‘hands off’ than Labour.

    I acknowledge that will never satisfy those who would have it that the lock downs were unnecessary … period. But the reality is that was never a realistic option. The JLRs’ and the Billy Te Kahika’s of this world will never get their grubby hands on the levers of power.

    The Veteran

    September 23, 2021 at 12:21 pm

    • With due respect to Tom, he does not seem to comprehend the significance of the word ‘centre.’

      National is a little right of ‘centre’ and Labour is a little left of ‘centre’ while ACT is hard right and Greens hard left. Not sure about the Maori Party. They still seem to be finding their way to the nearest KFC outlet.

      However, I share Tom’s disappointment that John Key wasted his huge reserves of political capital by failing to reverse some of Clark’s worst political excesses.


      September 23, 2021 at 12:43 pm

    • As you know from my posts here I only reluctantly agreed to the first lockdown because, as Psycho Milt put it, there was a chance that Covid-19 cases could swamp our healthcare system.

      But I agreed only to the initial proposal of “two weeks to flatten the curve”, while also pointing out that prior to this, the same public healthcare authorities around the world had for decades rejected the strategy of lockdown, and that having taken that route the question would be how we could get out it without repeated lockdowns.

      Vaccination was the answer, if one could be developed quick enough. Except we now find that lockdowns may still be necessary, even with masks and vaccinations, and even in the face of a Covid-19 variant that we have known for months is more infectious but less lethal; our current CFR here in NZ is literally 1 in a 1000.

      So now we’re on to the next windmill, with vax rates of 90% desired, something we barely manage with the likes of measles.

      Tom Hunter

      September 23, 2021 at 1:26 pm

  8. @adolf

    With due respect to Tom, he does not seem to comprehend the significance of the word ‘centre.’

    Oh I understand it alright in terms of obtaining and retaining political power.

    But what I also understand is that the Right, when they have the power, owe it their supposed principles, to use that power to at least nudge the whole system a little bit in their direction; the so-called Overton Window.

    The Left certainly do that every chance they get, as we saw with Welfare For Families, vast amounts of new government spending, Three Waters, He Puapua, and so-forth.

    I share Tom’s disappointment that John Key wasted his huge reserves of political capital by failing to reverse some of Clark’s worst political excesses.

    Well that’s entirely a result of John Key’s desire to meet and hold the centre but not to move it rightwards to any noticeable degree, which means that the next National government will find itself fighting on ground further to the Left, congratulating itself when it “gains power”. I suggest you read three posts of mine as I can’t be buggered writing what I already wrote there.
    This sounds familiar,
    America’s Ruling Class,
    The precious Midpoint

    Tom Hunter

    September 23, 2021 at 1:32 pm

  9. C’mon Rossco … who in his right mind would argue the MSM don’t have an agenda. Of course they do. Always have and always will. It depends on whose paying them and in little ole Aotearoa/New Zealand (did that to rark you up) Jacinda is the paymaster and organ grinder.

    The Veteran

    September 23, 2021 at 3:21 pm

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