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Amidst the total cluster that is MIQ where citizens are denied a return to their country for months and years the fear indulging campaign does not achieve a great benefit for New Zealand residents currently in situ.

When evaluated against the emerging information that the poorly thought out and even more poorly managed system, forget the appalling costs involved and consider what it is doing to the mental health and well being. There are costs there that will be a long time reaching any sort of meaningful accounting.

Business disruption and associated added costs are in the realm of perhaps being able to be discovered and are manifesting in higher costs across the board but the costs in human terms will never be so easily revealed. Families grieving a loss including serious illness are largely ignored along with the ability for family ties to be maintained or even resumed at a lower level of meaningful participation. Of course such luminaries as Jimmy two mum Shaw and his MP for Tijuana South sidekick, such inconveniences can be disappeared in short order thereby denying those in power any understanding of what is being imposed on the unfortunate minions.

So where is that bloody Gem then, well at least now with the thousands registering for the latest brain fart lottery system for MIQ spaces there is clear evidence of the magnitude of the frustrating inanity being laid bare and there is precious little room under that bulging carpet in HRH’s office on the ninth floor.

Very hard to “refute that” now isn’t it?

Written by Gravedodger

September 28, 2021 at 9:15 am

Posted in New Zealand

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