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Perhaps the only remaining thing I enjoy about Stuff is their two quick quizzes every day – 15 questions usually with four choices unless they are True or False answers. I usually average between 10 and 12 correct and consider it a disaster if I do not get 8 or more.

This morning Stuff out did themselves – all on their own they have moved the town of Martinborough from the Wairarapa Province into Wellington. I have only ever visited Martinborough twice and spent one night there in June last year – it is a nice town. As an aside we dined at the Pukenamu Pub. But what I have done is lived a fair portion of my 75 years in Hawkes Bay and I know that most people who live in the lower North Island have no great love for Wellington.

The other thing I know is that the Wellington Regional Council extends as far as Masterton and I can only assume that is what Stuff based their answer on.

Wrong Wrong Wrong – the province of Wairarapa still exists and that is where the ever popular town of Martinbrough is situated and has always been situated!!!! I will bet the residents of Martinborough are appalled at that answer.

Finally I say to stuff stop being a patsy for the increasingly inept Labour Government and start reporting things as they are including my increasingly infrequent comments that criticise an incompetent government which you regularly censor out because I dare state true facts – you readership may improve.

Oh and do your homework on your Quick Quiz answers because this is not your first mistake. Your sub editors show the same lack of thoroughness and integrity as the current leadership of the Government of New Zealand – that mythical place Aoetearoa is most welcome to Ms Ardern and her Cabinet because we New Zealanders are sick of them.

Written by pdm1946

October 19, 2021 at 6:44 am

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