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Let’s go, Brandon

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A couple of months ago when the US College Football season kicked off, a strange new phenomenon swept through the university crowds.

They began chanting loudly:


This chant rapidly spread across the college football stadiums of the nation, and then into other sports, where even rival baseball fans like the Mets and the Yankees were chanting it. In Deep Blue, Democrat New York City!

Then it turned up at a NASCAR event, and this was where it took a different tack. Watch, listen, and then hear what the interviewing reporter has to say.

Yes, she actually tried to bullshit her viewers as to what the chant was: that they were actually chanting for that winning driver, Brandon, with “LET”S GO, BRANDON”.

Perfect. Since it was a more public friendly chant, since everybody knew exactly what it meant as it went viral on the internet, and since it also served as mockery of the MSM still cheerleading the ambulatory root vegetable currently serving as POTUS, it became the perfect substitute for its crude predecessor.

“Let’s Go Brandon” has become a chant in the USA for anyone sick of unconstitutional vaccine and mask mandates, petty authoritarianism, bossy “Karens” (both in and out of government), a chaotic Mexican border, rising inflation, and perhaps most of all, shitty little government assholes everywhere who seem content to let things get worse because they don’t suffer the consequences of their own stupidity.

It is now appearing on t-shirts and the like. It’s even become a #1 song on the Apple Music charts.

I wonder when it’s going to turn up in Australia and New Zealand?

On a slightly separate note, here’s the latest visible evidence of what a sad, senile old wreck Joe Biden is:

WTF is that?

He tries to talk over the band that has already started to play – did he really not hear that – says something that, as usual, makes no sense in the context of what’s going on, and Jill Biden has to quickly walk up to him to stop this hideous embarrassment.

She looks straight at him and says “Look at me”. But he can’t even do that. Vaguely aware that something is wrong the “President” wanders away slowly and aimlessly, looking completely confused.

How long does this embarrassment of the United States have to continue? Do they really have no shame? Do they really wish to invite the cackling mockery of the rest of the world and bathe in such humiliation?

Written by Tom Hunter

October 20, 2021 at 12:41 pm

2 Responses

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  1. Bidern administration, like the Ardern one appears to be lurching out of control.


    October 20, 2021 at 1:38 pm

  2. So that explains it! Am catching up on years of not blogging, lol!

    Lucia Maria

    October 20, 2021 at 2:42 pm

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