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World’s worst job in 2021

Being Press Secretary for “President” Biden.

Sure, there are people all over the world doing tough, thankless jobs like drilling for oil, working in mines, battling with agricultural machinery in awful weather conditions, fishing in cold, rough seas, crawling around in mud to install pipes and erect buildings, fireman, cops patrolling dangerous areas of cities and so forth.

But at the end of the day, most of those people, even if they’re sick of the job, have some sense of satisfaction at what they’ve done, and understand what they’ll likely have to do tomorrow – though US cops are seriously wondering if they count anymore in Democrat cities.

But poor old Jen Psaki has a boss whose mind has gone walkabout: “President” Biden is just not there at all and has a staff that’s constantly scrambling to write stuff for him to repeat back from a teleprompter so it’ll seem like he’s in charge. It’s not working.

These polls are being driven by a number of crisis on Biden’s plate, and since none of them have been resolved they just keep trending up and down. The latest that’s trending up are the problems with supply chains. I already covered this in The Shipping News, but the focus here is on just one place: the Port of Los Angeles. In response to its backlog problems President Root Vegetable ordered the Port to remain open on weekends and add extra hours of operation to its schedule.

Just one problem with that. The President simply does not have that power, and so:

The nationwide port schedule app Pier Trucker showed terminals that looked like ghost towns Sunday with barren traffic lanes as additional cargo ships continue to pile up along the coastlines of Los Angeles and Orange counties. On Friday, 88 ships were waiting to dock at either Long Beach or Los Angeles harbors

Port officials say they are working with terminal operators to increase the open gate times. However, waterfront labor negotiator Jim Tessier, who has worked on behalf of both longshoremen and their union, says it comes down to money because shipping companies run the terminals.

Biden and the Federal government do not own or control the Port, the companies that work there or the shipping lines that use the place. Tessier makes clear what the moronic Administration should have known before they announced this “order”:

“Most shipping companies are foreign and did not attend Biden’s briefing and don’t care about what he or the landlord think,” Tessier said. “The port has nothing to do with all the operations — they are the landlord. How involved is your landlord in your business?”

Tessier said the shippers sign contracts that span decades and typically do not open weekends because the additional pay for longshoremen is pricey. Hourly pay is 1.3 times the regular rate at night and 1.5 on weekends, he said.

“Historically, the industry has not been willing to pay that money,” Tessier added.

Well duh! In a JIT (Just In Time) system you’re not supposed to have to pay extra because extra time should not be needed. Since the Congress is happy to blow billions, maybe they should have just crafted up a wage top-up specifically for this situation, sunsetting in a year’s time when things should be back to normal. Sure, it’s taxpayers bailing out a private sector system but they do that all the time now and it might have had some impact, rather than an empty Presidential “order”.

I suspect there are enough smartish people around Biden who knew the order was bullshit but felt it was worth the PR/Spin effort given that they’re drowning in bad polls. But if you are going for such, you’ve got to get your talking points in order for what happens – or in this case, what doesn’t happen – afterwards. They not only failed to do that they’ve got a Press Secretary who, when winging the answers, gets smug and dismissive.

The following was her response to a serious question from the NYT, who love to be on their side, and this went viral:

Hyuk, hyuk, hyuk.

You can taunt political opponents, and even the press (especially when you know they’ll beg for another chance to be nice to you), but the one thing you absolutely do not do is show dismissive contempt, with the smugness set at 1000%, for a public that’s dealing with problems so real even the NYT has noticed.

This is not new either. A month ago during the Afghanistan withdrawal clusterfuck Biden, desperate to strike back against ISIS terrorists after the suicide attack that killed thirteen US soldiers and about two hundred Afghan civilians, droned what the US thought were terrorists planning another attack. It turned out to be a family, and seven little kids in a car got vapourised. After days of mumbling uncertainties when reporters on the ground were already reporting the reality, the Biden Administration finally confessed to the fuck up.

But how did Psaki deal with it? She said that Biden understood the tragedy because he had lost family, too. Admittedly that’s effectively what Biden did say about it, also being what he said to the families of the the dead soldiers, so it’s definitely his “thoughts”. But they’re bloody awful, non-PR thoughts and a Press Secretary is supposed to obfuscate or glide over such things, not repeat them to an appalled audience.

Given how poorly her latest comments were received, even by friendly media, she may not be long for this role. Like her boss she’s clearly not very good at her job and as the crisis mount, she’s also likely to get worse.

Written by Tom Hunter

October 21, 2021 at 2:34 pm

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