It’s not about what they say it’s about

Commentary on the G20 and COP26 conferences, and about the people who attend them, from Scottish archeologist Neil Oliver:

He is best known as the presenter of several documentary series on archaeology and history, including A History of ScotlandVikings, and Coast. He is also an author of popular history books and historical fiction. He was the president of the National Trust for Scotland from 2017 to 2020.








8 responses to “It’s not about what they say it’s about”

  1. Andrei Avatar

    Luckily Aotearoa has great minds on the case

    1. Andrei Avatar

      India Logan-Riley (Ngāti Kahungunu ki Heretaunga) works in many different areas across the multiple communities she is a part of.

      With a background in archaeology and anthropology, India has worked in museum spaces focussing on pre-colonial history, cultural sovereignty and taonga care.

      More recently, India has been conducting her activism in the climate justice space, incorporating kōrero on tino rangatiratanga and eco-feminism.

      Having the privilege of attending the UN climate talks in ‘15 and ‘16, working in the Pacific team as a part of the Indigenous Peoples’ Caucus, India is now channeling her learning into growing the resilience and adaptability amongst rangatahi Māori to take on the intersectional challenges that we have both inherited and will be facing in the future.

    2. Tom Hunter Avatar
      Tom Hunter

      Classic marketing and propaganda bullshit given this from the Indian government, who are one of the actual powers with leverage in this case, Energy Charades:

      India lambasted the richer world’s carbon cutting plans, calling long term net zero targets, “pie in the sky.” Their energy minister said poor nations want to continue using fossil fuels and the rich countries “can’t stop it”.

      Coal is projected to remain the largest single source of electricity in India in 2040, according to Michelle Manook, Chief Executive, World Coal Association.

      As well as this:

      The world’s coal producers are currently planning as many as 432 new mine projects with 2.28 billion tonnes of annual output capacity, research published on Thursday showed, putting targets for slowing global climate change at risk.

      China, Australia, India and Russia account for more than three quarters of the new projects, according to a study by U.S. think-tank Global Energy Monitor. China alone is now building another 452 million tonnes of annual production capacity, it said.

      People and nations with a future.

      The funny thing is that I’m wealthy enough to not only take the hits from this crap but even profit from it. My kids, not so much, which is why they’re already discussing plans to escape our high cost/low income nation.

  2. Lucia Maria Avatar
    Lucia Maria

    Neil Oliver was scathing of the political elites, the “little emperors” or “special people”.

    Watched this last night – totally cracked up at the irony of bringing in generators to charge the electric vehicles.

  3. Tom Hunter Avatar
    Tom Hunter

    If he wasn’t such a nasty POS fanatic about… well, everything except drugs and sex, I’d almost feel sorry for the idiot known as NoRightTurn. Here he is today with yet another piece of carpet-biting rage about how the Labour government is cheating on the whole emissions scam, Climate Change: Spin and bullshit:

    we’re now planning to cut emissions by 50% by 2030! Except that when you actually look into the numbers, it turns out to be the usual accounting tricks

    I wonder when the penny is going to drop with people like this that just because they’re fanatics for a Zero-Carbon economy and just because they get idiot politicians like Shaw and Adern harvesting their votes by cuddling up to the concept, that doesn’t mean such politicians are actually willing to trash the economy to the degree needed to meet this objective.

    In his many statements over the years NRT has exhibited a high degree of understanding of legislation, but shown no idea whatsoever of technically how to do this beyond simply cutting farming in half and a good chunk of what’s left of our pitiable “industry”. But I think the reason for the latter is that emotionally he’s so far down the crisis rabbit hole that he just doesn’t care, or perhaps even wants, a New Zealand of maybe only 2-3 million people (or fewer) and a feudal society with a tiny fringe of extremely wealthy people who can avoid all the crap, with the rest in miserable poverty.

    I’ve seen such people praise Cuba as a low carbon-footprint society: a new reason to love communism.

    1. Lucia Maria Avatar
      Lucia Maria

      But, but, they have trashed the economy!! They don’t seem to be finished with that, yet, either!

      Hmmm, feeling sorry for NRT.. I’ve always felt sorry for the guy. Especially since I triggered him enough to turn off his comments all those years ago. Just used his own arguments against him.

    2. Tom Hunter Avatar
      Tom Hunter

      Oh so you’re the one who is to blame.

      BTW, did you read my post on Witch burning? The base article I linked too was very interesting.

    3. Lucia Maria Avatar
      Lucia Maria

      Yep, it was me.

      Yes, I did read that post. It was very good. Did the lazy thing and clicked the like button on the post rather than leaving a comment. Sometimes, there’s just too much going on in order to get my thoughts aligned to say anything comprehensible. Like buttons help, there. 😛

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