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However as often stated I am less than convinced that the billions being generated for Big Pharma. by state interference and manipulative exploitation of the latest virus to employ ease of trade and travel to threaten the world.

I read about Edward Jenners initial efforts as a child in a book of “heros”, in his using the close relative of the deadly smallpox that regularly decimated populations, Cowpox, that he noted did not seem to ever infect milkmaids who were regularly exposed to the far less lethal suppurating pustules on cows udders. In a bold experiment Jenner took puss from a Cowpox and scratched it into the skin of an eight year old boy, James Phipps, who then developed an eruption of the skin at the site of a Cow pox. He then introduced some matter from an active small pox and Vaccination was born.

As a child I was stabbed by Doctor Dickell at his surgery in Rotherham and on one occasion in the lounge Bar of the Waiau Hotel after being informed we were going “to see a man about a dog”. I am guessing it was all about Diptheria, Whooping Cough, Tetanus as Measles Mumps and Chicken Pox seemed to take turns in swooping through schools. My education was delayed in February 1948 for about a month/six weeks when a Polio epidemic was in full action and primary school swimming had disruptions until first successes in my last year of primary school saw the ending of that scourge when the Salk Vaccine came on stream.

1956 and College saw third formers all scratched on their wrist to test for tuberculosis anti bodies and a negative result saw a vaccine site on the outer upper arm that nearly always left a disfiguring scar. I was spared that as somewhere along the road I had somehow somewhere become exposed and had an immunity to “TB”.

I repeat I am certainly not “antivax” but a wariness and suspicious nature has me at a minimum very sceptical over the treatment I prefer to term an inoculation to combat The Rona as it sure does not give a level of protection of the measure of the many previous interventions I have willingly settled for after the forced treatments of my childhood. I have been having annual Flu shots since joining St John Ambulance and the New Zealand Fire Service as a volunteer in early 2001, fully aware it is always based on historical strains of influenza and as I understand things gaining a residual surge of activity in my immune system as a best result and prevention of the next Flu not to be expected. Touching Wood I have not had an influenza illness since.

I am far from being convinced the Pfizer, along with J & J, Astra Zenica, Moderna and possibly the inoculant I personally favour, Novavax are even Vaccines hence my preference to term the whole lot as Inoculants. However I am becoming increasingly IRRITATED at the demonising use of Antivax for those who are more accurately IMEHO, vaccine hesitant, for a variety of reasons often sincerely held amidst the many tales of disastrous incidents arising from the religious fervour being a pat of the rush to stab a product, created in short time, sans almost all the protocols that have been developed over decades of genuine awareness of some catastrophic outcomes with Thalidomide being a main player, and being marketed with a specific barrier for legal ramifications against the manufacturers for damages downstream. That single factor has my radar twitching bigtime.

Calling the minority who do not trust the State and there have been plenty of reasons over the now nearing two years splattered with Bullshit at almost every opportunity, Antivaxers for a natural level of distrust to become embedded and the serious reluctance to tell the public as much as possible to enable rational decision making is appalling.

That Madam wannabe world leader might just be a major factor motivating many who protested in Wellington yesterday and had I still been in neighbouring Wairarapa I may well have been one more outside the parliament and I am double vaxed (inoculated).


Written by Gravedodger

November 10, 2021 at 6:40 pm

Posted in New Zealand

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  1. Right on, not all vaccines are created equal.


    November 11, 2021 at 3:27 am

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