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A Scholar of the Cultural Revolution on the USA

I have not watched the whole interview, but clearly in this section the PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) interviewer was fishing for a desired response from the interviewee.

She got something very unexpected from Ai Weiwei, a Chinese artist and political activist who is a scholar on authoritarianism, specifically dealing with Mao’s cultural revolution.

A “CUT THE MIKE” moment.

He points out that to be authoritarian requires more than sounding off on Twitter and saying stuff that sounds authoritarian. You need to be supported by a system, and that system – specifically the Federal Administrative State – rejected Trump’s demands but fully accepts Biden’s.

Yet that is also supported by too many ordinary people, such as David Farrar over at Kiwiblog, who thumped the table and loudly denounced Trump’s demands for some of his enemies to be investigated, yet is completely silent about things like the FBI and DOJ going after the parents of school kids as “domestic terrorists”.

But it’s what Weiwei goes to say next that should be getting the attention of a lot of people. He claims that the United States is actually in an authoritarian moment, just not in the way the Left believes. Instead, he brings up the fact that people unifying around certain “political correct” ideas denotes a “dangerous” trend.

Those on the left desperately want everything they oppose to be “authoritarian.” That’s why you get constant, irrational claims about their need to “save democracy.” Yet the left’s attempts to erase history and suppress “improper” speech are actually the hallmarks of authoritarianism as evidenced by Mao’s Cultural Revolution, something Weiwei is very familiar with.

What brings about tyranny is a societal shift that tears down the past and viciously dictates the future via threats of financial ruin and violence. It is not the Right that wants to destroy statues of Thomas Jefferson and put in place “hate speech” laws. Instead, it is the left that forces people from their jobs for wrong-think while insisting that it’s acceptable to “punch” Nazis. And surprise, everyone they don’t like is a Nazi.

Between this guy and the comments about US universities made by North Korean defector, Yeonmi Park, after graduating from Columbia University – “Even North Korea is not this nuts” – you’d think the Left would pause.

But they won’t. They can’t.

Written by Tom Hunter

November 18, 2021 at 6:00 am

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