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The Euros get restless

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There was the famous Year of Revolution in 1848, when protests and riots, sparking to full-blown revolutions, exploded across most of Western Europe.

I don’t think that’s what we’re seeing here since 21st century people live with a degree of ease and comfort that the people of 1848 would regard as possible only for Royalty.

Still, you have to wonder what electoral earthquakes might come from all this in upcoming elections.

Also, as you watch this, note that PM Ardern recently said – in response to a point-blank question about whether we would see a 100% mandatory vaccination programme here like that of Austria – that she would never do that, and remember this…

Know that Europe is now having a fourth wave and that the US Dow futures plunged more than 800 points last night with news from South Africa of a new Covid-19 variant called B.1.1.529 variant that appears to have a high number of mutation (about 30 in its spike protein, which will likely render it immune to current vaccines. It’s been given a name, Omicron. What happened to Epsilon? I liked that one.

All of which is 100% predictable for coronaviruses. If you think that 2022 will see us past the world of lockdowns, masks and the vaccination treadmill of booster shots then you are an optimist. I normally am too, but not about this, after almost two years of watching government responses around the world.


Austria decided to return to a full lockdown due to more cases. It’s the fourth one since 2020 and they’ve used those cases to justify closing non-essential stores and allowing people to leave their houses for a valid reason. The government is also enforcing a vaccine mandate in February 2022.

So 40,000 people came out to protest.


I’m surprised since the Belgians hardly do anything and Brussels is possibly the worlds most boring city.



This one is a lot more peaceful, but a very large protest.

Written by Tom Hunter

November 27, 2021 at 7:45 am

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  1. More recently 1968 was a year of say we say global disquiet with much action in the streets

    That year ended with the election of Tricky Dick Nixon and all that followed leading to a time of malaise and and era in music best forgotten Disco

    1968 was a flu pandemic year funnily enough but nobody noticed at the time, less old people died than usual in 1967 and more in 1968 while the streets in the USA, Europe and Japan burned

    But now something really big is in the wind and I don’t believe it is the post modern reimagining of an age old malady around which a narrative has been built

    But even if it is all as we are being told there has been an evolutionary arms race between respiratory viruses and living creatures forever. It is not at all surprising if politicians escalate this arms race with lockdowns and vaccines the viruses will respond in unforeseeable ways which are not likely to be beneficial for us

    We are not being told the truth.

    The word of the decade is “misinformation” and the leading purveyors of this are Governments and Public Health Authorities who are aided and abetted by Big Tech, Big Pharma and the legacy media


    November 27, 2021 at 10:05 am

  2. I don’t think we’re going to see much like this in NZ, although the gangs/crims/youth might have something to say about that, as they already are judging by what I heard from a mate about the Mataura Licensing Trust problems in the South Island.

    No, I think we’re looking at civil disobedience in the form of a lack of cooperation and using myriad small ways to screw the system up.

    Irish Democracy I think it’s called, though it might as well be called Italian Democracy judging from the story a mate of mine told me when visiting Lake Como a couple of years ago, using a local cafe as the example.

    The cafe owners, two young guys, have tables and chairs across the street facing the lake, but those are sitting on a public area of lookout, for which they have official approval to use a small part of. But they expand the area very slowly. Every couple of years an Official Person (uniform and everything) turns up to tell them to move the tables and chairs back to the proper area, and this they do with much tugging of forelocks and apologies. When the Official Person departs the tables and chairs start creeping back across the lines.

    Everybody seems relaxed about it, including the Official Person.

    Tom Hunter

    November 27, 2021 at 11:16 am

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