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Johannes Leak Commentary Cartoon for 04-12-2021

Version: Commentary Cartoon  (1280x720 - Aspect ratio preserved, Canvas added)

COPYRIGHT: The Australian's artists each have different copyright agreements in place regarding re-use of their work in other publications.

Please seek advice from the artists themselves or the Managing Editor of The Australian regarding re-use.

Mirror Brought Into Courtroom So Jussie Smollett Can Face His Attackers.


White Smoke Emanates From Wuhan Lab Chimney Signaling A New Variant Has Been Named

Here Comes the MEV – Midterm Election Variant – Democrats Need Excuse for Mail-in Voting, Will Do Anything to Cheat

 ”CNN reports Japan accidentally crashed planes into Pearl  Harbor ships”

Written by adolffinkensen

December 5, 2021 at 5:44 pm

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