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Written by adolffinkensen

December 10, 2021 at 6:00 am

Posted in New Zealand

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  1. Good Morning

    The government’s new smoke free proposals seek to limit the rights of 14 year olds (and younger) when they reach the age of majority to purchase.

    They will, as citizens, have fewer rights than there parents, some of their peers and even their siblings.

    This sets a dangerous precedent and creates a two tiered society.

    It’s “easy” to support an initiative against a societal “Bad” like tobacco, but if they can do it with tobacco they can do it with something that may be less obviously bad than cigarettes.

    Fact is they lack the courage to ban it outright today (and deal with the consequences) and are now seeking to bully our children. This government won’t stop with tobacco if they think they have a winning formula.


    December 10, 2021 at 6:18 am

    • The urban middle class turned their face against smoking 30 odd years ago and it is now associated with the poor

      And there is nothing the urban middle class with their neo Calvinism like better than to boss the poor about and deny them any enjoyment in life – it makes up for their own shallow lives I guess

      It is the usual BS about preventing “premature deaths and saving the health system money

      The first has a modicum of truth, actuarial tables suggest that smokers die about 2.5 years earlier than non smokers on average

      The later, saving the health system money is crap though – this is because for the majority of people most of their consumption health resources occurs in the last four years of life and if you don’t die of a smoking related illness you die of something else – that is the lung cancer might get you before the prostate cancer does sort of thing – its a given something will get you though (as Tom noted in an earlier post there are very few survivors of the Pearl Harbor attack around today and nobody who served in the first world war has made it through to 2021)

      I was standing at the graveside of a lung cancer “victim” some years ago as he was interred. 87 years old he was when he died which is hardly a “premature death”. And he had lived, lived through all the troubles of the 20th century, in the Red Army under General Konev he was and had survived that. He was proud of that

      He would be well over 100 now if he hadn’t smoked? Do you think it really makes any difference that he died of lung cancer in the grand scheme of things?

      I think anti smoking activism was the prototype of using public health as the rationale to advance other agendas, something we are seeing in spades today with the Covid panic.

      If the urban middle class didn’t like their chardonnay so much they would go after booze in the same way they have gone after tobacco


      December 10, 2021 at 8:18 am

  2. Heh, after the usual huffing and puffing about the incivility of comparing this government and others to the Nazis I see that Radio NZ has done the usual in the other direction, <a href=”’>RNZ’s Morning Report host compares one of ACT’s policies to eugenics.</a href>

    Because of course they did. I see that ACT is pissed off, so much so that they’ve boycotted Morning Report for over a year now since the remark was made, but it’s only now that the news has come out.

    I agree with ACT’s boycott and frankly National should do the same, but this should be water off a duck’s back by now. You know they’re going to compare you to the Nazis at some point.

    Tom Hunter

    December 10, 2021 at 8:56 am

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