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Immigrant Song

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Spotted in an Auckland street late last year, The March of Migrants… whatever the hell that means. But the BLM symbol is the real key piece of information here.

It seems that things are cooling off for BLM in the US this year, with their public popularity dropping to below that of Congress, at 2%, down from 24% in 2020.

That should not be a surprise, given what it meant in practice, as explained by the doyens of Critical Race Theory like the grifter Ibram Henry Rogers:

In other year-to-year contrasts, there’s an almost endless list along the following lines.

Since Karl Rittenhouse was found innocent of murdering two Antifa’s and badly wounding a third trying to kill him it seems that BLM’s stable mates have decided the Ye Olde US Constitution might be helpful to them.

In doing so they reveal how little they know about US gun laws. Considering the amount of criminal convictions a lot of these assholes have I’d say their chances of legally getting a gun, let alone a CCL, are slim to none, especially in the Deep Blue areas of the US where they wreck people and things.

Vaccine passports you say? They’re nothing compared to this baby.

I don’t usually say much about my homeland but recent events must be addressed, starting with why the Presbyterian church in Remuera has to use the Pope to reinforce this message.

Was all that English reformation stuff just for laughs then? Perhaps I should not be surprised when I read stuff like this, US church founded in 1800 holds last service. They got twenty five people into the last Christmas Mass at The First Presbyterian Church of Bellefonte in Pennsylvania.

Meantime the owners of bars in downtown Auckland might start considering praying to the Pope.

Yeah, but many people have to cross Queen Street to get to these places, and who the hell wants to do that nowadays. Besides, kids are drinking a lot less these days, not to mention saving their pennies for a very uncertain future.

I was not aware of it of course but apparently there’s been some cringe effort on Twitter to buck up people’s spirit by worshipping another deity, #ChurArdern.

Judging by other responses it’s not going quite as well as the planners hoped.

Could be worse. We could be Australia.

Written by Tom Hunter

December 30, 2021 at 9:19 am

Posted in Humour, New Zealand

2 Responses

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  1. Only two of those Imp Passports you say, sounds awfully like something I need about now, no not want, need?


    December 30, 2021 at 10:31 am

  2. #ChurAdern Show gratitude to Her Royal Highness you filthy peasants!


    December 30, 2021 at 10:41 am

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