Is it 2023 already?

I ask because it seems to me that 2020 and 2021 just merged together to be one, extra-long, shitty year, so I have low expectations for 2022.

Not that either year has been bad for me. In fact the days hardly seemed different to those of the last few years aside from the lack of international travel – or travel.

Our Christmas and New Years was very much like this, except in the case of the latter we had vaccinated friends over who apparently were not terrified of being around the unclean.

So with any luck we’ll see a decline in seeing things like this through the year.

For those who are still terrified there’s good news.

Plus a return to normality for the Left, who will be able to go back to hating their usual hate objects.

Especially that small corner of the Left, being the “anti-fascists”.

In the wake of the collapse in public support for the “anti-fascists” and their friends in the Burn Loot Murder brigades perhaps we’ll also see a decline in the teaching of Critical Race Theory and a focus on the real problems facing POC (People of Color).

However, given how valuable a tool the theory of Disparate Impact is in finding racism where there’s no racism I’d bet the claims won’t go away and other theories aside from CRT will slowly arise to explain the causes of it. That will be too slow for this coming year; more like the coming decade. This year will be about killing off CRT while its proponents continue to gaslight about how it’s not what it is: the teaching of racism.







4 responses to “Is it 2023 already?”

  1. Andrei Avatar


    Below your caption “So with any luck we’ll see a decline in seeing things like this through the year”. wordpress in its wisdom embedded an ad for a clickbait site featuring a picture of Ann Heggerty in a sun hat and purple Tee shirt prominently displaying her massive boobs

    40 Celebs That Lost Almost Half Of They Body Weight

  2. Tom Hunter Avatar
    Tom Hunter

    I just looked her up now and….. let’s just say that I’m happy to be using a browser that blocks advertisements.

  3. The Veteran Avatar
    The Veteran

    You can argue CRT/colonial oppression/whatever but, when all is said and done, ‘physician heal thyself’ has much to commend.

  4. Andrei Avatar

    Well who the fuck knew – Los Angeles produces a lot of shit

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