“A prominent New Zealand Sportsman (note not from Aotearower this one) was to be appearing in the Masterton District Court today, as reported on Tim Dower’s summer breakfast this morning apparently on charges of purloining forty thousand from his Grandads Bank accounts, a grandad who was offering shelter and care, likely for free, that was not all, as things evolved the cretin also stole from his mum and now faces charges he stole another sixty K from a mate to feed a gambling habit.

What a piece of shit, why would someone doing such dastardly damage to nearest and dearest deserve any kind of compassion over name suppression, splash his fricken name in lights every which way and at the same time inform all NZ that he was the only NZ sportsperson with such dastardly morals and exonerate every other such person from any suspicion, they deserve no less and he deserves all he gets.

Maybe his Bookmaker should be standing in the dock with him, one hundred thousand dollars and no one noticed anything, hello.

Gambling is too often offered as a factor in mitigation as is alcoholism and drug abuse when it is really all pernicious behaviour that is too easily tolerated by all involved in the courts with little or no reference to a victim who often has their whole life destroyed. I happen to know a few Grandads and many of them would find a loss of forty K about as devastating as it gets.

Prominent Sportsman be foiked, a useless piece of shit make that SHIT.








  1. MT Tinman Avatar
    MT Tinman

    GD, I agree with your comments about name suppression but how many prominent New Zealand sportsmen does Masterton boast?

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