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Unless they are wilfully ignorant or have differing values when a socialist does it.

Some of us, the political tragics if you will, virtually from day one of his appointment, rated Trevor Mallard as the most biased and the most inappropriate person to occupy the office of Speaker of the New Zealand House of Representatives. What has ensued has only reinforced that assessment.

The “Speaker” in its original office in the UK “Commons” was the person who had to personally transmit the decisions and proposed actions of a majority of those commons who had eventually wrested powers from the Barons and other Nobility who too often were merely puppet supporters of the Majesty who had been forced to reluctantly yield absolute power. A task that carried the awesome risks of directly opposing the occupier of the throne who all to often still hankered for that absolute power now well diminished from the often capricious attitudes of the Tudors and the Stuarts who followed them via the descendants of the beheaded Mary Queen of Scots. Mary who lost in the power struggles with Elizabeth the First and Divine Right faltered when Charles the First took on the House of Commons and Cromwell who under an act of attainder removed Charles head in the brief flirtation with a republic termed The commonwealth. That aberration lasted a mere eleven years and was eventually proven to be no more able to exercise power than Charles the First had been, paving way for the restoration with Charles the Second and the independence of elected members of “The House of Commons”.

All that led to the “reluctance” of one elected as speaker to take the chair, not so apparent when Mallard reached the pinnacle of his less than stellar career and embarked on a hands on involvement in total support of Ardern employing the clear bias against and obstruction of all opposition attempts to fulfil the long standing Westminster traditions of “Holding government to account”. Mallard has trampled over every separation from his party that has been a part of the performance of all previous speakers however superficial in reality, with Trev the Muss, there is no shred of even pretence.

The irony will become very apparent should any subsequent speaker thwart the Socialists in similar fashion as that will be different, verboten. Sheesh Margaret Wilson Gerry Wall and The minister of Pie supplies were bad enough when compared to say Lockwood Smith and Peter Tapsell, first speaker from maoridom, long standing MP for Eastern Maori and the only recent speaker not to be from the ruling party when Bolger reached across the aisle to preserve his one seat majority.

It will matter little who writes the history, Trevor Mallard will not be treated well, he has been and continues to be a disgusting partisan disgrace to the once venerable office.

Written by Gravedodger

January 26, 2022 at 9:01 am

Posted in New Zealand

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  1. I will cringe with embarrassment when “Sir” Trevor Mallard, with his documented history of thuggery and profiteering, is New Zealand’s representative in a country somewhere in the world.


    January 26, 2022 at 10:36 am

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