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Oh but I hate these fucking people.

Watch and observe the superior cluelessness and surprise of this creature, and the smirking silence in which it is received at yet another confab of the World Economic Forum.

Perhaps if these assholes really were as smart and wise as they think they are they wouldn’t be implementing crap that screws up the lives of ordinary people, as this post explains on just one angle, an Unraveling, Not a Reset:

Now go read the Wikipedia quote from the IPCC again. The transnational globalists want to shut down petrochemical extraction because of alleged climate impacts. Doing so has already caused fertilizer shortages, but the globalists are fine with that because they want to significantly restrict and change industrialized agriculture as well.

Presumably they think they can escape food shortages and the impact on supply chains around the world. I doubt any of them know how to plant a vegetable garden or cut up a beast.

In the short run, the transnational globalists will attempt to use such events to assert increasingly totalitarian control of people, movement, goods, and more. It won’t take long for those attempts to exacerbate the chaos, the shortages, the conflict, and the disease. The tighter their attempted control, the greater and deeper the damage they will cause.

The funny thing is that the woman above reminded me very much of famous actress Katherine Hepburn, complete with a “mid-Atlantic accent”, trained for movies where her Connecticut Patrician voice would not play well.

That in turn reminded me that there once was an American elite who had very similar sorts of attitudes: the WASPS. That article has girth but I think it’s worth a read to get an insight into an elite who had begun to die off in the 1960’s. A couple of excerpts, starting with Katharine Graham, famous owner of the Washington Post and one of her friends, Joe Alsop:

He was in many ways a disagreeable man. A Cold War hawk, a foppish toff in a demotic age, he was the epitome, indeed the travesty, of WASP hauteur. In the morning, he would emerge from his bedroom at 2720 Dumbarton Street in Georgetown in a purple dressing gown piped with lilac, and he would spend much of the rest of the day putting people in their place. He growled at waiters, made scenes at parties, pushed to the front of every line, and bullied his wife, Susan Mary Jay. “Oh, that’s petty nonsense,” he would say when he cut her short in front of guests. In his relations with those lower in the scale, he had all the tact of Dickens’s Marquis St. Evrémonde, and he once tried to break the ice with a Minnesota farmer by nudging him with his stick and asking him, “What do you make of it all, old boy, eh?”

Sounds like a right charmer. And yes, he had a punchable face. Unsurprisingly a closeted gay, but one who told the KGB where to stick their blackmail when they got him on camera in 1957.

There seem to have been a lot of such snobbish aristocrats in the WASP class and the article delivers American writer Henry James as a classic example, delving back into their glory days in the 19th and early 20th century to examine what they built:

At the height of the Gilded Age [these Jamesian WASPs] sought to remedy the deficiency by incorporating, in their schools, museums, parks, and concert halls, bits and pieces of premodern poetry to create spaces that would touch neglected places in the American mind. Gardner established a Venetian museum in Boston; James’s friend Charles Eliot Norton, the Harvard humanist, indirectly inspired an experiment in civic humanism at Columbia in which young people were initiated in older poetries through the study of Great Books.

The civic humanism of the WASPs was secondhand and perhaps second-rate, yet it involved them in all that anomalousness of motive that characterizes even our most generous acts. You can’t foster more potent kinds of culture without wielding less-ideal forms of power.

Sure, you can be snarky about the spaces they built, but they’re a damn sight better than the Modernist monstrosities of spaces that followed them.

...revived Gothic, reworked Romanesque, and parodic Athenianism… “[an] effort to evade the logic of modern civilization by insincere gestures of respect to the culture, the feelings, the ornamental systems of previous ages.”

But precisely because it was plagiarized from premodern poetries that closely integrated the needs of the soul and the realities of everyday life, it made their spaces civically generous and aesthetically accessible in a way the lonely stages of alienated modern genius so often are not.

This also sounds familiar:

… they liked power, and once they had grabbed a certain amount of it out of the hands of Gilded Age plutocrats, they were in no hurry to share the deeper secrets of their own patent medicines. Their museums and concert halls were open to the public, but their most potent humanizing poetry was concentrated in their fenced-off schools, clubs, and houses. No mere pleb shared in the mock-Palladian glories of Joe Alsop’s 2720 Dumbarton Street.

What the hell have the new elites of the WEF done for the good of humanity with all their power? I think the following piece from journalist Batya Ungar-Sargon best sums them up:

The elites don’t even bother hiding their contempt for “the majority of people” anymore. It’s exposed the emptiness of the stories they tell to push their own interests. The sides aren’t Right and Left anymore. They’re the side that has that contempt and the side nauseated by it.

This clip is saying the quiet part out loud: Elites like to masquerade like there are major policy debates dividing them. But political polarization is a pantomime that disguises the crucial things they share–enormous wealth, capture of over 50% of GDP, the desire for control.

Working people know this. They know that it’s all kabuki theater at the top. It’s why they just don’t care who you voted for. Because the struggles that unite the bottom just outweigh whether you think abortion should be legal in the second trimester, or how you feel about Trump.

It’s disgusting to see these people nattering on about threats to democracy when they believe they should have control over every aspect of the lives of working people and it’s “bad news” that regular people are onto them and see them for the self-serving oligarchy that they are.

I think Jacinda Ardern is one of these people. So are Chris Luxon and David Seymour.


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  1. Darn right Tom, but I believe the elite will ultimately succeed in getting what they want.
    Things I would have thought impossible just 2 years age are now reality. I’m in shock as to how people who I had previously thought of as sensible and thoughtful would acquiesce so easy.
    I’ve had ancestors over the last century and a bit die for our freedom. I bet they are spinning in their graves as to how easy this generation have been so willing to surrender their freedom, all in the belief that the powers that be will keep them “safe”.

    Old Curmudgeon

    January 31, 2022 at 7:53 am

  2. Maybe so OC, but I was amused by this quote I saw in an article the other day (Fortress New Zealand, The Spectator), made by the philosopher Karl Popper (The Open Society and Its Enemies):

    Shortly after arriving in New Zealand from London in the late 1930s, Karl Popper marvelled over what appeared to him to be ‘the most easily governed’ people on the face of the earth. The champion of open societies did not mean this as an un-alloyed compliment.

    What causes change is pain, and here’s the latest example, from Auckland businessman, Leo Molloy:

    The only problem here is that this prick bought into the whole narrative. He implemented the government’s divisive two-tier system and was a strident advocate of jab mandates and vax passports, babbling on about people’s “unscientific” approach.

    But now he’s whinging because his precious business is hurting along with other pro-jab / pro-vaxpass hospitality owners finding a lack of customers willing to sign in, unhappy about Ardern’s “draconian rules” that are “just not going to work”.

    So fuck him and his business. They can crash and burn for all I care. Mencken’s term of people knowing what they want and getting it good and hard was never more appropriate.

    Tom Hunter

    January 31, 2022 at 8:19 am

    • Leo Molloy is an ass. Our family is in the restaurant business and foresaw what this passport lunacy would do to the hospitality industry. One effect is loss of staff unwilling to submit,made worse by the closed borders.
      Business is down over 50% so how does one survive the lunacy?
      I guess it’s good business is down so much as we cant get enough staff to accommodate more patrons.
      All for what?
      We’ve shut down the country basically and destroyed people and incomes and impoverished future generations,to say nothing of the damage to kids, all in the cause of prolonging the lives a little bit of the very old and very ill.
      I know that sounds harsh but I’m 71 with health issues, but I don’t see why my kids and grand kids should suffer to keep me safe.
      A much wiser course would have been to isolate and protect us and let the rest of society get on with it.

      Old Curmudgeon

      January 31, 2022 at 9:31 am

      • Lots of thinking folk bought into the arden dialogue for the first 12 months. Even the Teddy bear kindness.
        By gum, many are now awakening big time.


        January 31, 2022 at 11:00 am

    • Tom, you’ve just set my bat sense off (reminding me of Key’s poisoned commentary about the Hermit kingdom)! Damn, will have to listen to the whole video now. Need more coffee first.

      Totally agree with your assessment of the guy, too.

      Lucia Maria

      January 31, 2022 at 10:12 am

      • , he believes Omicron is lethal for the uninjected.
        And still thinks the old world is operating.

        Lucia Maria

        January 31, 2022 at 10:26 am

  3. Fortunately most people think the overall approach by government (and basically supported by National) on climate change and covid is broadly correct. Your apparent idealised Ayn Rand society where everyone would be virtually wholly autonomous would in my view not be a very stable society.

    And it ignores the nature of New Zealand society. Though we have always valued a pioneering spirit, it operates within a broadly supportive governmental systems, New Zealanders have always been generally concerned with the common weal and are prepared to accept the rules, regulations and taxes that go with that. Obviously not without debates, but there is undying strand that runs through the new Zealand body politik. The level of dissent that seems to be the norm in the US has no real historical parallel here.

    By the way I get why you consider that Ardern and Luxon would be of the elite, but Seymour?


    January 31, 2022 at 10:51 am

    • Nice of you to admit Labour and National are like 2 peas in a pod. To think I voted and donated to National for 45 years with the likes you in the party. What a total fool I’ve been.

      Old Curmudgeon

      January 31, 2022 at 12:32 pm

    • Unfortunately for you Dr Mapp you are an exemplar of the out of touch elitist this post is highlighting

      In the real world of hard scrabble existence very few believe in your elitist tosh anymore

      We have had thirty years of “only a few years to save the planet” or dire things will happen – and every fucking prediction of doom from the head in the clouds, ivory tower experts™” as failed to materialize

      With the “Pandemic™” as time passes more and more people within our circles are getting the disease without much ill effect while people are not dropping like flies in the streets despite the crap we are being showered with

      When I go into the local store to most people are not wearing their government mandated face nappy let alone scanning in

      And why bother? Test positive and you are under house arrest, get Covid without anyone noticing and you are maybe laid low for three days and life goes on

      Nobody with functioning brains cells believe you and your ilk anymore – you are all full of crap – good at empty babble but not much good for anything else

      BTW can you replace a tap washer or do you have to summon a peasant tradesman in to do it for you?


      January 31, 2022 at 12:33 pm

  4. An article about the clueless arrogance of the elites, and along comes Wayne to provide a perfect example.

    Wayne – maybe “most people” in your limited social circle buy into the covid bullshit and the climate change scam, but some of us see both of those for what they are – part of a power grab by a bunch of greedy creeps who already have too much wealth and power.


    January 31, 2022 at 12:24 pm

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