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Back in the USSR

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Well that’s long been Putin’s dream, having said years ago that:

The breakup of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the [20th] century.”

He happened to be a KGB officer working in East Germany as it all came tumbling down so it must have been especially painful for him.

However, with demographic problems and an economy smaller than that of Italy, Canada and South Korea, that’s trying to support a still huge military (one that’s aging and creaking), and with age catching up on him rapidly (he’s 69), I think his chances of re-creating his dream are slim. There’s a lot of huffing and puffing here.

But as I’ve said for several years now, Putin plays a weak hand well. It didn’t stop him invading Georgia or taking the Crimea away from Ukraine a few years ago and today pushing into two small Eastern portions of Ukraine which are Russian-speaking and have been agitating for years to break away from Ukraine and join The Motherland:

The Russian leader recognized the “sovereignty” of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Eastern Ukraine. It’s not hard to game out what happens next. With those areas now being “independent” states as far as Russia is concerned, the separatist leadership there can now invite Russian military forces to enter. In other words, Putin has just taken a chunk of Ukraine without firing a shot.

That’s about as clear an example as you can get of what US President Biden mumbled about a months ago (Don’t call us. We’ll call you):

 It’s one thing if it’s a minor incursion and we end up having to fight about what to do and not to do. 

Wish granted, moron.

As Putin’s strategy is not a surprise neither are his tactics. Again from my post:

Thus there will be ongoing cyber attacks, economic pressure, diplomatic pressure, implied threats, support for Russia-friendly opposition groups, and possibly minor military clashes on the Russia-Ukraine border.

Or what I wrote in 2014 on Kiwiblog during that invasion scare:

I don’t like or trust Putin one bit, but I respect that he’s smart and calculating. My bet will be that he’ll let the new government hang itself and be left twisting slowly, slowly in the breeze by its purported Western allies over the next few months – and then he’ll move with a partition of Crimea and the rest of the Eastern Ukraine, using locals to do it but providing them with logistical, financial and political backing. It’s not like those locals aren’t keen on such a move anyway. 

Having said that, Putin’s speech was rather strange; he’s usually on point, calm and statesmanlike, but here he came across as angry, with the usual boilerplate Russian snivelling that we’ve heard since the USSR imploded some 30 years ago, as you can read here, courtesy of Reuters, with clips shown here. That pain I mentioned above, of a former KGB officer watching the USSR implode, never came through so clearly before as he rambles on about how “nationalists” destroyed that nation.

But there’s also much huffing and puffing on the other side of the fence, making a mockery of crap like this:

Toe-to-toe? Biden was totally onboard with the Obama administration’s “reset” policy with Russia in 2009 (overseen by none other than Hillary Clinton, and they spelled the word wrong in Russian), back in the dark days when it was GW Bush who had “caused” Putin to behave as he was. Or how about 2012 and Obama’s little lecture to Mitt Romney during their debate:

“And, the 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back, because, the Cold War’s been over for 20 years.”

Fully backed by the moron, and this was when he had all his marbles.

Given the boogeyman treatment of Russia handed out by Democrats in their pursuit of the Great Orange Man from 2015-2020, they could hardly repeat the “reset” approach. But Biden at least claimed that he could deal with Putin (“Biden will get [the Western Alliances] working again”.). It’s been twelve months now of phone calls, “tough” speeches about sanctions and such, followed by recent babbling about “peace summits”.

In fact Biden and the Democrats actually refused to go after the only thing that might have dissuaded Putin, the Nord Stream II gas pipeline. They howled about Trump’s threats against it and when Senator Ted Cruz put forward an actual sanctions proposal:

“Joe Biden came to Capitol Hill and personally lobbied Democratic senators to vote against Russian sanctions. That’s why we’re facing this invasion. I gotta say Bill, Joe Biden becoming president is the best thing that ever happened, tragically, for Vladimir Putin,” said Cruz.

As an aside they also used the filibuster rule they’d been demonising. Still it’s not a surprise. As Walter Russell Mead wrote in 2017:

If Trump were the Manchurian candidate that people keep wanting to believe that he is, here are some of the things he’d be doing:

  • Limiting fracking as much as he possibly could
  • Blocking oil and gas pipelines
  • Opening negotiations for major nuclear arms reductions
  • Cutting U.S. military spending
  • Trying to tamp down tensions with Russia’s ally Iran.

You know who did do these things? Obama. You know who supports these things now? Democrats,, including Biden.

Still, given Germany’s demand for that pipeline in the first place, knowing it put them more under Putin’s thumb, their intricate ties to Russian finance, and the opposition of they and France to Ukraine joining NATO, it’s pretty obvious that they’re all paper tigers.

And Putin knows it.

Written by Tom Hunter

February 23, 2022 at 6:00 am

13 Responses

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  1. LOL – you are stuck in the past Tom Hunter

    In case you haven’t noticed the Post Christian West is going to hell in a handbasket, with so called “Freedom and democracy™” in tatters and the intellectual elites debating over whether using words like “mother” to describe those who have just given birth is a demeaning to them

    And when was the last time the North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation won a war – they are fresh off a defeat by Pashtun Tribesman

    They are very good at reducing impoverished sovereign nations to rubble to be sure but the 21st century West has little to offer beyond squalor and death

    Ukraine’s biggest export these days its it young women to populate the brothels of Turkey and the West while it wealth looted by Joe Biden’s and his cronies


    February 22, 2022 at 10:08 pm

  2. Well now, I do find it funny to be accused of living in the past when we’re discussing an obviously angry and hurt man trying to recreate his – minus the communism I’m sure.

    In some respects I actually appreciated Vlad letting the mask slip: he’s usually always so self-controlled. Made him seem more human.

    And as it happens I am not anti-sympathetic to your man’s view of my Western world, which is also your view. But talking about sticking with Mothers and Fathers and all that doesn’t compensate for this sort of pathetic wannabe czarist crap – nor is it going to help re-build the population of Russia with nuclear families.

    As you know my connections to Poland have made me more than a little aware of what communism has done to people. My Polish father-In-Law regularly unloaded about the sort of Poles who immigrated to America from the 1980’s onward. They were very different from his generation he said; corrupted deep in their souls by growing up in that system.

    I have a terrible feeling that for all your man’s evocation of Russia’s non-communist past and new-found respect for the Russian Orthodox church, that he too is more corrupted by his days as a KGB officer, and paradoxically the glittering gold of business, than you care to admit.

    Tom Hunter

    February 22, 2022 at 10:43 pm

    • Forget “Communism” it is a dead duck

      What is universal is power hungry psychopaths seeking to control other people and their resources and squashing anyone who gets in their way

      How many people here could find Donetsk and Luhansk on a map? Or know anything of their history?

      In WW2 those regions suffered greatly and were the sites of major battles and blood shed and now the psychos in Washington who don’t give a shit about ordinary people living ordinary lives want to repeat that and care not one iota about the suffering they will cause

      And who the fuck wins from European conflict anyway – not you or me or the people of Europe and that’s a fact

      When the dust has settled its probably the Chinese who would do the best


      February 23, 2022 at 11:20 am

  3. Is Vlad really all that bad when compared to what the degenerates who run the nations in the West are up to?

    Meet Sam Brinton, the Biden “administrations” recent appointment to the U.S Dept Of Energy:

    Porky Roebuck

    February 23, 2022 at 10:07 am

  4. It’s been very interesting to see the contrast between what Trump did while president compared to Obama & Biden.

    Always enjoyed this parody account on Putin – he’s still going strong. Started following him years ago.

    Lucia Maria

    February 23, 2022 at 11:13 am

  5. One of the things that’s so funny about the following is that Leftists like Chris Trotter so desperately would like to agree with the following but can’t because, well…..

    Tom Hunter

    February 23, 2022 at 9:05 pm

    • Gaaahhhh! Normally avoid watching that guy. Gave up at 2:21.

      Agree about Chris Trotter, though. LOL.

      Lucia Maria

      February 23, 2022 at 11:02 pm

  6. The reaction from Democrats is pathetic.

    Tom Hunter

    February 24, 2022 at 9:14 am

  7. Ha! Ann Althouse takes the greasy Washington Post Democrat scribe, Chris Cillizza to task for his mea culpa on Romney in 2012:

    “What looked like a major flub during the 2012 campaign — and was used as a political cudgel by Obama — now looks very, very different.

    Althouse comments….:

    How about telling us what you actually said at the time? Because you, Chris Cillizza, were part of the “political cudgel” that — passive voice — “was used.” You had the ability at the time to be more than semi-conscious, and as a writer at The Washington Post, you had a responsibility to do more than cheer-lead for Obama, something more than glance “in the moment” and say “what something looks like.”

    It was time at the time to say who was right and wrong!

    And as she points out, at the time Cillizza praised the line as the best in the three Romney-Obama debates.

    Tom Hunter

    February 24, 2022 at 6:45 pm

  8. The level of covid insanity out there!

    Lucia Maria

    February 24, 2022 at 10:38 pm

  9. Subject: Why Ukraine matters

    This now explains why Russia is acting as it is !! If it is holding back, it is not to detract from the Beijing Olympic Games.

    For those who ask: “Why does Ukraine matter? “

    This is why Ukraine matters.

    It is the second largest country by area in Europe by area and has a population

    of over 40 million – more than Poland.

    Ukraine ranks:

    1st in Europe in proven recoverable reserves of uranium ores;

    2nd place in Europe and 10th place in the world in terms of titanium ore reserves;

    2nd place in the world in terms of explored reserves of manganese ores (2.3 billion tons, or 12% of the world’s reserves);

    2nd largest iron ore reserves in the world (30 billion tons);

    2nd place in Europe in terms of mercury ore reserves;

    3rd place in Europe (13th place in the world) in shale gas reserves (22 trillion cubic meters)

    4th in the world by the total value of natural resources;

    7th place in the world in coal reserves (33.9 billion tons)

    Ukraine is an important agricultural country:

    1st in Europe in terms of arable land area;

    3rd place in the world by the area of black soil (25% of world’s volume);

    1st place in the world in exports of sunflower and sunflower oil;

    2nd place in the world in barley production and 4th place in barley exports;

    3rd largest producer and 4th largest exporter of corn in the world;

    4th largest producer of potatoes in the world;

    5th largest rye producer in the world;

    5th place in the world in bee production (75,000 tons);

    8th place in the world in wheat exports;

    9th place in the world in the production of chicken eggs;

    16th place in the world in cheese exports.

    Ukraine can meet the food needs of 600 million people.

    Ukraine is an important industrialised country:

    1st in Europe in ammonia production;

    Europe’s 2nd’s and the world’s 4th largest natural gas pipeline system;

    3rd largest in Europe and 8th largest in the world in terms of installed capacity of nuclear power plants;

    3rd place in Europe and 11th in the world in terms of rail network length (21,700 km);

    3rd place in the world (after the U.S. and France) in production of locators and locating equipment;

    3rd largest iron exporter in the world

    4th largest exporter of turbines for nuclear power plants in the world;

    4th world’s largest manufacturer of rocket launchers;

    4th place in the world in clay exports

    4th place in the world in titanium exports

    8th place in the world in exports of ores and concentrates;

    9th place in the world in exports of defence industry products;

    10th largest steel producer in the world (32.4 million tons).

    Ukraine matters. That is why its independence is important to the rest of the world.

    Papa Mike

    February 25, 2022 at 1:13 pm

    • Thanks PM, Fascinating list.

      I work with Russians and Ukrainians. One of the Russians put an impassioned apology on FB.

      1937-1939 all over again, the rise of Putin aka Hitler .!


      February 25, 2022 at 8:24 pm

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