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No ifs, no buts, no maybes, more emphatically absolutely zero ethnic qualifiers in granting the simple foundation for all democratic scenarios.

Even the idiot Attorney General has finally concluded the Rotorua rort currently being “shepherded through the people’s parliament with every barrier to effective debate and consultation well and truly in full view.

Options for the committee to hear public submissions???

Now the Rotorua District Council (Representation Arrangements) Bill before parliament to reduce the value of a non Maori voter in relation to the value of one from a voter enrolled on “The Maori Roll” for the upcoming local body elections next spring with all the inherent constitutional, racial, and basic human rights involved might be sent to say the “Governance and Administration” Select Committee for public participation before a second reading.
No it is before the Maori Affairs Committee, chaired by Tamati Coffey, who some might suggest is somewhat conflicted? Not forgetting the truncated submission time frame in place to assist with a rapid travel through the legislative process to mesh with the next local Body vote due next spring (excluding Tauranga in passing).

I accept that Rotorua is embedded with a substantial Maori influence with its culture, its well established Maori tourism both historical and current and a well in advance of the 17% Maori population figure.
In Tamati Coffey’s Bill the 22,000 Maori roll voters in Rotorua will get 3 seats, the same number as the 56,000 General roll voters.  Each Maori roll vote is effectively worth roughly two-and-a-half votes on the General roll. Figures that do not give measure to a Maori or Maori up to three in number who could well stand and succeed as representing seats allocated to the General Roll.

It can only be described as racist idiocy

The Maori Affairs committee:

ChairpersonTamati CoffeyCoffey, TamatiLabour PartyList
Deputy – ChairpersonArena WilliamsWilliams, ArenaLabour PartyManurewa
MemberPaul EagleEagle, PaulLabour PartyRongotai
MemberShanan HalbertHalbert, ShananLabour PartyNorthcote
MemberHarete HipangoHipango, HareteNational PartyList
MemberJoseph MooneyMooney, JosephNational PartySouthland
MemberTeanau TuionoTuiono, TeanauGreen PartyList
MemberRawiri WaititiWaititi, Rawiri
No points for guessing who this, sans hat, might be representing

Does that inspire confidence or maybe not quite?
Coffey Nuff said.
Arena the preferred person to Louisa Wall?
Joe Mooney representing the 83% all alone amongst the eight?
That will give Colonionalisation a swift kick aye?
Only question unresolved: will Nosey vote against in the second reading?

Where were you Grandad when Apartheid was introduced?

Written by Gravedodger

April 23, 2022 at 1:12 pm

Posted in New Zealand

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