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However easily mitigated in that aspect by simple reduction ploys in removing fuel, creating fire breaks and having an infrastructure of supports to enable fast and effective suppression.

The luvvies who benefit from the often never reviewed spending of taxpayer provided funds distributed by “New Zealand On Air”. will be nonplussed at the way their latest brain fart has become a lead story.
Hell there have been far worse that were never exposed to sunlight before passing into history unlamented and some that never got beyond the planning, to wit the hagiography on Dear Leader before she was advised of the gross negatives such a promotion would be developed into by her political opponents.

This time however the proposed hagiography on Chloe Swarbrick is in serious trouble, its inherent disaster becomes apparent to more and more voters as the next general election comes into focus for the once emerging, now a spent force, that created an outright majority for the NZLP in successfully milking of the Rona, now confronting some tank traps initiated by The NZ Taxpayers Union. Not forgetting the hubris so far ignored in total by the morons suddenly exposed for their ineptitude while pretending to be an administration.

There once existed a case, however weak and never exposed to commercial reality, by such entity to promote an embryonic entertainment adjunct for such public activities as film and documentary efforts to supplement daily new and events. The bare faced promotion of a minority political adventure in a second or third bite in attempting to give oxygen to a photogenic empty shell who rose to notice largely on a misleading adulation of drugs and environmental factors was eventually exposed as the corrupt rort it really was. It was essentially a ploy used effectively to further mask a far left party with an unbridled urge to derail a very successful democracy, providing food to a world desperately craving safe, cheap, readily available basic foods, was exposed.

Consider for a moment if the troughers at NZ on Air had proposed a similar exposee for Sam Uffindell the probable next MP for Tauranga, not that it would ever happen because he is about as far removed from the targets likely to appeal to such a funding rort as it is possible to imagine. However those with a still functioning brain amongst the Cabal sitting on the Speakers right will be having palpitations and stomach cramps at the thought of a forensic investigator of financial malfeasance becoming available to the next Government to look over the shenanigans of the last two terms of the beautiful people.

Now that would be worth recording as a doco as it unfolds!

Written by Gravedodger

May 18, 2022 at 10:26 am

Posted in New Zealand

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