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The Min Fin on Hosking is convinced Inflation has peaked and will subside in the last Q22.

Are Grunter (“creative accountant” Generation II) and his troubled bunch of morons still in the market for a cycle crossing for the Waitemata as I am trying to divest from my portfolio a near new floating Mulberry style, temporary structure, rendered excess since seismic events some twelve years ago?

I am well aware of the fact that all economists laid end to end will never reach a conclusion but that load of garden fertilizer masquerading as a belief of The Deputy Leader of Her Majesty’s Government of New Zealand is such utter bollox whoever wrote it should immediately be arrested and facing charges of gross misrepresentation for pecuniary gain.

All very well predicting wage growth of 6% then 5% and 4% in subsequent years all predicated on employers remaining to pay such largesse, when in another three years will any business activity remain in a benighted once proud independent nation 1200 miles south of Australia, doubts arise everyday the ruinous policy mix is extended for this old curmudgeon.

Btw before an algorithm ignites reaction from law and justice I am not referring above, to bodies of deceased economists providing flotation of my mythical Mulberry style Bike xing as it is still in announcement development stage and further announcements will precede any constructive revelations before contractual status can be actioned.

Embargoed to 1200 hrs May 20th 2022

Written by Gravedodger

May 20, 2022 at 1:00 pm

Posted in New Zealand

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