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J. D. Vance first became a public figure back in 2016 with the publication of his book, Hillbilly Elegy, which became a best-seller and was even turned into a movie, which I covered in the post, The Power and the Glory.

Vance himself got almost as much praise as his book, which told the tough story of his upbringing in Ohio and his family connections in Kentucky. A working class background sent him into the US Marines, thus into the Iraq War and back to the US where he graduated from Yale Law school. This caused a lot of Democrats to go all gooey on him and he even got a contributor slot on CNN, although The New Republic criticised him as “liberal media’s favorite white trash–splainer”. Criticising Trump didn’t hurt either.

It was therefore entirely predictable that as he began to move towards the GOP, the Leftie love would die, and the closer he’s gotten to an actual political career – culminating (so far) with his winning the GOP primary to run for the US Senate seat in Ohio held by a retiring Republican, Portman – the more that former love has turned to hate:

In case you still harbored the faintest hope that the party has some moral red line, its unquestioning affirmation of Vance ought to dispel it.… Politicians who wish to defend democracy ought to draw a line at supporting allies who pose a threat to democracy. J.D. Vance is an authoritarian. Granted, this charge is difficult to prove without first handing him power, but the authoritarian nature of his beliefs is established as clearly as it can be without a pile of corpses.

That’s the faithful and prominent Democrat journalist mouthpiece Jonathan Chait, and his main objection seems to be to Vance’s increasingly unwoke opinions, something you’d think Chait might have re-thought given the hits he’s taken from the same sources for identifying many of the same things as Vance. Of course it could also be that Vance being endorsed by none other than the Great Orange One sent Chait into his shallow and hysterical rant.

Other Democrats are piling into Vance as well, but that may be simple partisanship, since they had been eyeing Portman’s seat and thinking they had a shot with their guy Tim Ryan, even in what looks to be a tough year for them. I think they can kiss that goodbye now against a hometown boy with name recognition, solid money backing, a life-story and opinions that fit perfectly with the times, in a state that Trump won by 8 points in 2020.

But it’s not just the Democrats bringing the hate, and after winning the primary Vance went on Tucker Carlson’s show and unloaded on those other people:

“I mean, look, if you think of some my biggest enemies in this primary, you know, the slime ball Karl Rove who shipped a lot of American jobs overseas, got rich in the process, and also sent a lot of Americans to die in stupid conflicts,…. Karl Rove spent a lot of money. He wrote a lot of op-eds criticizing my candidacy. He was even calling my donors after Trump endorsed me, encouraging them to drop my campaign.

So you know, in a lot of ways, what this revealed is that you do have some very corrupt political consultants in the Republican Party who despise their own voters. It was crazy, Tucker. I mean, a couple of days before the primary after I … I think we’d already kind of locked it up. We were way ahead in the polls. A Republican donor group put $2 million on TV to attack me, which really didn’t hurt my candidacy against the other Republicans. It actually just hurt me against the Democrats. So actually the candidacy — my candidacy revealed an incredible amount of corruption in our own party, and I think that’s one of the things that I do have to fight against.

Hoo boy. I’d bet that most Democrats have described Karl Rove as a slime ball and worse (It was GW Bush himself who labelled him “turd blossom“), but to have a Republican go after him so viciously tells you something about the struggle going on inside the GOP even as they look towards a thumping victory in this year’s Mid-Term elections.

One of the things I appreciated about the Trump Presidency was how many of these bastards were forced to pull their masks off, and there are turning out to be quite a few Karl Roves in the GOP, as I pointed out in this post, and which is noted far more forcefully here by the inimitable Ace from Ace of Spades:

  • The Lincoln Project, supposedly a bunch of “True Conservatives” who were only against Trump in 2020, are supporting Democrat Tim Ryan against Vance.
  • Texas Governor Abbott’s chief of staff just signed on to be a lobbyist for the leftwing Soros-controlled Tides Center.
  • Steve Schmidt, McCain’s 2008 campaign manager and the guy who supposedly selected Palin and ran Alito’s confirmation process for the Supreme Court, has now come out supporting abortion.
  • [National Review’s] David French used to pose as rootin’-tootin’ sixgun-shootin’ Severe Conservative himself for years and years before Trump’s embrace of actual rightwing culture war issues caused him to show his real belief system. [He] is no longer pretending he’s against the GOP’s push to get CRT out of the schools because he worries that it might cause suburban PTA Moms to desert us. No, he knows that suburban PTA moms hate this CRT poison and want to get it out of the schools themselves. He supports CRT because, get this, he just supports CRT. And he says you’re not a Christian if you oppose it.
  • Even on a small scale, in one heavily Hispanic Texas District where a GOP guy who’s door-knocked all the Hispanic areas and leads in the Hispanic vote by 5 points over the Democrat, is being opposed by the GOP Establishment (GOPe) guy who loses that vote by 11 points. Gosh, it’s as if the GOPe wants to lose.
  • Even though the GOP is killing the Democrats on the issue of illegal immigration, Senator Thom Tillis and his gang of liberal “Republicans” is back negotiating with Democrats to amnesty illegal aliens and give the Democrats one less thing to worry about in November.

Remember, guys: the permanent DC “Republican” Swamp Dwellers of the Lincoln Project are and always were “True Conservatives” Fighting For You.

He also points out that this is not new:

When Mark Levin entered the Reagan administration, the chief obstacle to implementing the agenda Reagan had run on, and which the public had, with full informed consent, voted for, was not the scattered and battered Democrat Party, but the resistance from the liberal Establishment GOP, the northeastern George Bush Republicans who came into the Administration with Reagan’s conservatives. They were the Disloyal Internal Opposition who thwarted Reagan at every turn, coordinating with Democrats, leaking to the media to block conservative policies, etc. They were Democrats in all but branding.

Sounds familiar.

In another post he quotes a Twitter thread from John Hayward (aka Doctor Zero, whose waspish commentary I’ve long enjoyed) talking about prissy side of the US Right Wing:

For these timid elements of conservatism, the worst offense of the Right is questioning the motives of the Left. Nothing makes them spring into action against other conservatives faster than insinuations of bad faith or sinister motives against the Left. The Left must always be regarded as the loyal opposition, good people who want the best for everyone, but are simply mistaken about how to achieve these noble ends. Accusations of malevolence or hidden agendas against the Left are denounced as ugly conspiracy mongering.

This attitude holds among timid conservatives even as the Left wages all-out war and loudly asserts there are no honest, sincere, good-faith arguments against its agenda. Is there a political argument on the Left that doesn’t begin with denying the good intentions of opponents?

Run through the list of top issues: if you want border security, you must be a xenophobe. If you oppose abortion, you must be a blind religious fanatic or misogynist. If you want smaller government, you’re cruel and greedy. Question global warming? You’re a tool of Big Oil.

But Ace disagrees with Hayward’s take on such Conservatives, arguing that they’re not “prissy” about fighting wars, but are bad faith actors who are actually on the other side, and he then describes how this “fight” goes using the example of illegal immigration, starting with this point about Vance from, of all places, National Review.

The Open Borders contingent did not want to admit they’re open borders – they’re dishonest, craven, shifty motherfuckers who do not confront arguments honestly and fairly by head-on engagement, but by subversion and innuendo and sidewinder collateral attacks – but they did want to kneecap the border hawk position.

So they just began making a series of basically-insincere attacks on Trump. Oh, there was some sincerity in the attacks on Trump – they genuinely disliked him. But the attacks were made in place of the real attack, which was: “He’s ruined the Comprehensive Immigration Reform sell-out we were just about to broker!”

So they began offering up collateral attacks. “Say, you Rubes like Morality, don’t you? Well this Trump feller’s been divorced twice, doesn’t that just steam your beans?! This Trump feller’s had four business bankruptcies! What a lout! And look at all this rubbish he says on Twitter! What an absolute heel! So unchristian!”

You’ll notice they never talk about immigration, whether to support Trump or to oppose him. That’s because they’re sneaky, cowardly rats who do in fact oppose him, and support Open Borders – Oh, I’m sorry, I mean, Comprehensive Immigration Reform that Welcomes Undocumented Americans with Love and Kindness – but they know they can’t win on that so it’s just this constant series of dishonest attacks on side-issues about “character.”

They’ll talk about “Free Trade” as a stand-in for what they won’t talk about, which is Open Borders. But when they say “Free Trade” – understand, they also mean Open Borders.

And they will not stop subverting us and throwing elections until we submit and give up and agree to their Comprehensive Open Borders schemes. This isn’t even just an economic corporate play at this point – though it is that too – it’s a holy, racial-redemption religious point for them at this point too. This is how they prove they’re #NotRacist to their liberal friends, wives, and lovers.

And now they’re proving it by trying to take Vance down. If that means losing a Senate seat to the Democrats that’s an acceptable short-term loss for a long-term policy gain.

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  1. In the Potemkin Democracies of the West the political classes regardless of party have more in common with each other than the people they rule over.

    The American political elite are among the most disgusting people to have ever lived which is a shame because ordinary Americans are basically decent people who have little hope against these malignant creatures who when a decent honourable person does get through the net get rid of them as quickly as possible

    We have seen this with Tulsi Gabbard and Trey Gowdy in recent years

    Right now the USA is rotting from within with the decimation of the middle classes and the decay of the infrastructure such as bridges which collapse on a regular basis or the graffiti covered public transport which you use at your peril

    Its heart breaking to see really


    May 21, 2022 at 11:42 am

  2. To Andrei from planet X … well at least in ‘our’ Potemkin democracy we don’t tend to poison opposition leaders with nerve agents nor exile them for nine years in a ‘strict regime penal colony’. Funny too your use of the word Potemkin … invented by your mob with good reason to disguise reality from the truth … and so it continues to this day in the родина. Mind you and to be fair North Korea has embraced the word and refined it to a new degree.

    The Veteran

    May 21, 2022 at 2:34 pm

    • You need to stop rising to the bait, Vet. I was looking forward to your comments about Vance as I recall you’ve had warm words for him, or perhaps his book, or both, in the past.

      Tom Hunter

      May 21, 2022 at 6:35 pm

      • Tom’s right Vet, Andrei will only aggravate and annoy with his BS.
        Not good for the BP. He’s Grofaz’s fan boy end of story.

        Old Curmudgeon

        May 21, 2022 at 7:27 pm

      • Tom

        Do you believe the 2020 American election was a well run and orderly event and that everybody could be confident that the result accurately reflected the will of the American voter?

        If not why introduce your comment with “You need to stop rising to the bait,” which implies I am just trolling rather than presenting a different viewpoint that might make you feel uncomfortable

        The key to building a successful society is giving a voice to people with whom you may disagree and listening with an open mind to what they are saying.

        Here’s a quote from Chuck Schumer regarding Donald Trump

        “Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.

        So even for a practical, supposedly hard-nosed businessman, he’s being really dumb to do this.”

        So what is he saying there?

        He is actually saying that the “intelligence community,” is outside the control of the peoples elected representatives and if those elected representatives have the temerity challenge them and what they are up to they will be punishe

        Have a look at those at the top of the food chain in American politics and they have all been there longer than my kids have been alive and they have all done extremely well financially out of it
        cherish and to strive for

        But those who actually run the USA actually spend their time subverting those ideals and are now presiding over a country where justice does not prevail while the critical infrastructure is decaying and ordinary folks are sliding into poverty

        And that is a tragedy


        May 21, 2022 at 7:42 pm

      • I don’t class you as a troll, Andrei but you clearly want to damn the US political system in order to make Putin and his system look good, or at least not as bad by comparison, and that really isn’t the focus of this post.

        Re you quoting of Schumer I’m amused because I have that in a post I’m working on at The Vet’s suggestion, about the Durham investigation. It’s actually that suggestion and what happened between 2016-2018 that worries me more than the 2020 election, which I viewed as yet another in a long line of American elections of which one wit once said, “They cheated fair and square”.

        Tom Hunter

        May 21, 2022 at 7:48 pm

      • Tom I didn’t mention Vladimir Putin in my comment which was entirely confined to the dysfunction of the American political system

        I have read the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights and they are documents worthy to be put upon a pedestal

        And unlike anybody else on this blog I have also read the constitution of the Russian Federation which is also a worthy document

        Nobody has built the perfect society and given human beings are as fallible as we are nobody ever will

        But if you think the USA is the epitome of good and the Russian Federation is the epitome of Evil then you are a fool, and I don’t think you are a fool.

        When Hillary Clinton described Trump supporters as “the deplorables” she was actually showing the American political elites contempt for the American people, if you think about it.

        As does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wearing a designer dress with the slogan “Tax the Rich” to a $35,000 a ticket gala event patronized by banal people with more money than sense whose contribution to society is zero..

        …and there are many other examples

        At the end of the Cold War the USA had no rival and that led to hubris and the Neo Con idea that having achieved dominance the cannot allow a peer to arise

        But anyone with brains can see that trying to block the development of nations that the American elite perceive as rivals is a fools errand and one that will only end in tears – these are not clever people

        What we are witnessing in my opinion (“opinions are like…”) is the collapse of the American Empire and if that is an unpopular opinion on this blog so be it – I will express why I think that on posts where my comments are allowed and discuss why I think that with people who are interested in robust debate

        Time will reveal whether I am right or not wont it?


        May 21, 2022 at 8:42 pm

      • Tom … I think Vance had it about right with his analysis of why blue collars in the US of A stopped being tribal Democrats and handed Trump his victory. As for Andrei … post stupid comments and he sets himself up for what he gets.

        The Veteran

        May 21, 2022 at 8:53 pm

  3. Chuckle…:

    Contrary to the Left’s hysteria, the “new normal” in the GOP is not Barnette but PC Republicans who, once they gain power, just end up ratifying liberal lies. It is an arrangement liberals should welcome. They propose liberal change and then “electable” Republicans enact it for them. Recall how the “electable” Arnold Schwarzenegger implemented Gray Davis’s agenda more effectively than Davis did.

    Tom Hunter

    May 21, 2022 at 8:09 pm

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