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Almost to a single person those in control (allegedly) of the future of this once great little country have a diminished understanding of the debilitating results emanating from criminal activity, social, personal, emotional and mental health wise for victims. It is devastating on a range from acceptable but upsetting to effectively ending some people’s ability to function in society. In earlier times of economic change we stepped off the treadmill and spent an entire winter season based in Ohakune, skiing, golfing, hot pools at Tokaanu, forest walks whatever while our spawn worked on the Turoa side of the Mountain, using a 26 foot Crusader Caravan as accommodation.

As a first move we took the van North and set it up at the Motor Camp in Ohakune on Queens Birthday weekend and returned to our desultory day jobs while awaiting the snows. finally about three weeks later that happened and we returned to our “Holiday Home”. At first things seemed normal but doubts soon emerged with inexplicable little things until the move to assemble the required equipment and clothing for the Mountain on the morrow and low and behold some significant gaps in inventory appeared. Swmbos ski pants and boots, moi, missing a new “entrant” parkah, eye wateringly expensive for a rusticated emerging curmudgeon and a further investigation revealed a forced window. Police involved and in those times then rather disappointing when the chances of discovery and recovery of missing items were rapidly dampened down to utter dejection from mildly hopeful. Of course insurance and retail restored things in short order however the lingering feeling of our space invaded and contaminated everywhere remained for some time, exactly what had that cretin touched and made dirty.

We were strong, younger and the ability to move on soon returned as our base acceptance of life, while the therapy of the great outdoors elixir smudged out the negatives but it was a salutary demonstration of the great damage such criminal activity had to seriously damage a person more vulnerable and less able to cope with drama and threat.

There was some restitution down the line that came when Swambo was observing ‘miss first born’ conduct her first lesson to bunnies on the learner slopes as any proud Mum might indulge in, observing her own flesh and blood begin what became an impressive if somewhat impecunious nine years as an internationally travelled Ski Instructor. I digress, while sitting unobtrusively on a deck above the learner slopes an itinerant young man walked through Swmbo’s field of vision and familiarity struck home, those are “My” ski boots, aand my ski pants? No panic just a diverting to where a contact with Moi could be actioned and a trip to Management of Turoa office nearby, police called, arrest made and the loser who wanted to get into the life of a ski bum but was limited by resources as a degree of self funding is needed to set out on that path with a biggy “The Season Pass” rather economically challenging. Alternative was a Job with the company that not only got around the “Lift pass” but took care of transport up and down the Mountain road. He had accumulated boots, parkah, ski pants from us by thieving and no doubt accomplished other necessities by nefarious means and was undone when those various essentials presented a picture that to a non participant might seem of any interest.
We were offered the Boots and pants back after trial and conviction but alas My very special Jacket, not so, it had likely been sold in a bar to create some finance in his crime spree as it was somewhat beyond his puny size.

It was for us a lesson in how victims of crime can be forced to suffer consequences that until encountered had never registered with us, a sympathy that has stayed as a constant now for over thirty years.

Seven random shootings in the Largest City overnight, that is many more house holders than the seven targets as there are neighbours, random people, wrong place wrong time, and mistaken identity as targets, with high powered rifles and shottys, no place there for a single shot “Bunny Gun, and I know I know compared to an invasion of an unoccupied Caravan on any scale compared to being too close to a gunsooting is way more scarier but the trauma, disquiet and fear from the wave of lawlessness that is creating a minor tsunami across this beautiful Nation and worse the complete disdain for the descent into anarchy being displayed by our current rulers makes one come close to despair that no one from The PM down to the newbie Constable sees any problem is. another trauma to be endured.
Phil “Spit on service men and women for doing their patriotic duty” was at a talk fest with other luvvies and elites yesterday for a one day special on how to return Auckland City to something desired and respected, it probably only resulted in some nice grub into already well nourished tummies, enough hot air tand accompanying nodding head wobbling to get the Climate Cultists in conniptions and little else as until someone with the abilities and drive of a Rudy Giuliani who as mayor of a descending into a crime abyss city, introduced The Broken Windows Theory c1992. That began with all out assault on itinerants harassing Motorists with unwanted windscreen washing and other practices of petty criminal activity, now completely abandoned by give them “Hugs”, “money” and (The odious) “Wrap Around Services” with zero meaningful consequences for the anti social behaviours.
While the News on ZB this AM concentrated on the “Seven” Random Drive by Shootings reported so far, there was temporary relief from Ram Raids but I have a lazy Kate Shepherd that that was not exactly how it all went down last night in the renamed City of Fails?

Written by Gravedodger

May 25, 2022 at 12:06 pm

Posted in New Zealand

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