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Only Black and Female need apply

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In the age of trans-woman you’d think President Biden’s staff, who create the words for him to say in detail, might have gone easy on such a demand for the next Supreme Court pick, although they would have felt on safer ground since only a few desperate White Progressives try to identify as Black.

However, it turns out that the person responsible was actually an old-time Democrat Black politician, South Carolina’s House member James Clyburn. By the time the Democrat Primaries rolled around to Clyburn’s state in early 2020, Joe Biden was looking down the barrel of yet another failed bid for the Presidency, just like 1988 and 2008, continuing his record of never having won a primary and gaining no candidates. In fact it was Bernie Sanders leading the charge. But Clyburn pointedly said that while the White folks of Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada had spoken it was time for other voices to be heard. He picked Biden up out of the South Carolina dust by making it clear to his Black voters that they needed to vote for Biden. They did and his campaign never looked back.

But it turns out that there was a quid pro quo (there always is); Clyburn demanded that Biden pick a Black woman for a Supreme Court spot should one come up on his watch, and he made that clear again in public as soon as Biden won the South Carolina primary.

Incidentally there could have been a black, female SCOTUS years ago, except for what was one glaring problem for one man:

Around twenty years ago, [Joe Biden] twice participated in filibustering (Black, female) Judge Janice Rogers Brown’s nomination to the U.S. Court of Appeals. She finally was approved in 2005. Then, Biden advised President Bush that if he dared to nominate Brown to the Supreme Court [following the retirement of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor], he would filibuster her again and prevail.

The GOP shall not be allowed to appeal to People of Colour, especially one who went from a working class background in the Segregationist South of the 1950’s to getting her BA as a single mother and having “once called herself so leftist as to be almost Maoist.” to this:

She has been critical of affirmative action and abortion rights.

Brown argued that “where government moves in, community retreats, civil society disintegrates, and our ability to control our own destiny atrophies” and suggested that the ultimate result for the United States has been a “debased, debauched culture which finds moral depravity entertaining and virtue contemptible.”

Yes, well the Democrats certainly did not want a Black Female justice making those arguments from the perch of the highest court in the land. If it resulted in more African-Americans taking similar views and also leaving “the Liberal Plantation”, it would not be good for the Democrats power.

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was, by contrast, their dream candidate, for more than just Black and Female aspects; she’s very much into viewing everything through the lenses of power structures and victimhood. She was appointed to the Court on April 6 after a relatively calm hearing in the Senate, by a bipartisan vote of 53-47. She won’t actually take the job until Justice Breyer retires at the end of the northern summer. The one amusing part of her hearing was when, despite her own Positive Intersectionality ranking, she couldn’t wouldn’t define what a woman is, with her now infamous remark that “I’m not a biologist”. Sure, it’s laughable and stupid but it also shows that she is well aware of the current trends of insanity in her Democrat Party and confirms that she’ll be following wherever they lead when making her judicial decisions. She’s a team player for Far Left even if that means selling out the feminists.

But somewhat to my surprise this Identity Politics pandering does not seem to have gone down particularly well with the American public, including Democrats:

Democrats are more supportive of Biden’s vow (46%) than Americans as a whole, but still a majority of Democrats (54%) also prefer that Biden consider all possible nominees.

Yet grievance politics has prevailed, even as the top universities of America are increasingly wracked by racial grievance protests despite decades of anti-racist policies, including affirmative action, which uses different admissions standards for applicants of different races. Ironically there is a case before the SCOTUS on exactly this matter, bought by Asian-American students who are especially getting screwed by the process. Jackson won’t arrive on the bench before it’s decided so we’ll miss out on an early test of applying her views, although with those views I’d not expect her to vote for the plaintiffs. If the case wins I expect even more ferocious racial protests by Black and White Liberal students at Yale, Harvard and many other universities.

The thing is that a lot of this was actually forecast way back in 1969 with an amazing letter written by Judge Macklin Fleming, Justice of the California Court of Appeal. Fleming had written a personal letter to Louis Pollak, the dean of Yale Law School (Jackson is a Harvard Law School graduate). Fleming was concerned about the plan Dean Pollak had recently announced under which Yale would essentially implement a racial quota – 10% of each entering class would be composed of black students. 

The immediate damage to the standards of Yale Law School needs no elaboration. But beyond this, it seems to me the admission policy adopted by the Law School faculty will serve to perpetuate the very ideas and prejudices it is designed to combat. If in a given class the great majority of the black students are at the bottom of the class, this factor is bound to instill, unconsciously at least, some sense of intellectual superiority among the white students and some sense of intellectual inferiority among the black students. Such a pairing in the same school of the brightest white students in the country with black students of mediocre academic qualifications is social experiment with loaded dice and a stacked deck.

No one can be expected to accept an inferior status willingly. The black students, unable to compete on even terms in the study of law, inevitably will seek other means to achieve recognition and self-expression. This is likely to take two forms. First, agitation to change the environment from one in which they are unable to compete to one in which they can. Demands will be made for elimination of competition, reduction in standards of performance, adoption of courses of study which do not require intensive legal analysis, and recognition for academic credit of sociological activities which have only an indirect relationship to legal training.

Second, it seems probable that this group will seek personal satisfaction and public recognition by aggressive conduct, which, although ostensibly directed at external injustices and problems, will in fact be primarily motivated by the psychological needs of the members of the group to overcome feelings of inferiority caused by lack of success in their studies.

I hope those Asian-American students know what’s likely coming their way. But read that entire article for proposals that might work and note, in light of Judge Jackson’s selection, this other comment from Judge Fleming’s 1969 letter:

The American creed, one that Yale has proudly espoused, holds that an American should be judged as an individual and not as a member of a group. To me it seems axiomatic that a system which ignores this creed and introduces the factor of race in the selection of students for a professional school is inherently malignant, no matter how high-minded the purpose nor how benign the motives of those making the selection….

It would be nice to think that Jackson would have been so disgusted at being picked because she’s a Black Woman that she would have rejected it, perhaps even publicly. But clearly Ketanji Jackson rejects “the American creed” and is quite happy to be judged this way – and will so judge others in her SCOTUS career.

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  1. So what if Biden picked a black liberal woman. Trump picked a conservative women known for her abortion views. One of the reasons he won in 2016 was his commitment on how he would choose SC justices. He was lucky to have appoint 3, although one seat was effectively a holdover from Obama’s time.
    Jackson seems eminently qualified to be a SC justice.


    May 27, 2022 at 5:58 pm

    • Are you trolling Dr Mapp?

      Or are you just reminding us just how badly the political “(chattering classes”) the Western World has lost its way.

      While you mindless idiots are babbling about gender identities and fretting over the levels of a gas that is a naturally occurring component of the earths atmosphere and essential to life , the civilization that produced your pampered existence is tumbling down

      Clown world


      May 27, 2022 at 8:29 pm

      • Andrei,

        I simply couldn’t see why Tom was making a fuss about Jackson. The USSC appointments have been highly political for the last 30 years on both sides of the aisle. Why make a fuss about Jackson, seemingly because she is black and liberal. And in the current composition of the Court, can’t even change the balance.

        Now, I happen to think it is unfortunate that appointments to the court are so political and that the court is effectively a fourth arm of government. In all other western democracies most of the issues before the court are worked out in the political realm. Regular voting making them easily reviewable, or alternatively voters can cement in an enduring consensus.


        May 28, 2022 at 9:30 am

  2. “Jackson seems eminently qualified to be a SC justice.”

    At the confirmation hearings she couldn’t describe what a woman was, and she has a bizarre record of ultra leniency towards kiddie fiddlers and purveyors of “child porn” – you know, the rape and torture of children.

    Pull your head out of your arse, you haughty, pompous, over-educated fool.


    May 27, 2022 at 8:30 pm

    • You should know by now Mapp’s default position is always to jump to the defense of any leftist establishment position or person.

      Old Curmudgeon

      May 28, 2022 at 11:34 am

    • It has obviously missed your notice that a number of Republican senators voted for her confirmation. Those that didn’t seem hardly engaged in the issue. When she was nominated for the Federal Court of Appeal, she had overwhelming senatorial support.

      And lay off the childish insults.


      May 28, 2022 at 6:16 pm

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