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Interesting that the Prime Minister managed to score 90 minutes with the President. That was a feather in her cap although has to be said that Biden probably saw it as a welcome distraction on a day when his approval rating by FiveThirty Eight (the poll of polls) dipped to an historic low of just 40.8% vs 54% disapproval. But what really stands out for me from the videos of the meeting was that Biden had a crib sheet of talking points on his lap (the PM nothing) … further proof (if proof were needed) that Biden is experiencing cognitive difficulties and that’s scary indeed at a time where a deteriorating world situation calls for clear mind and thought.

I guess the two had meeting of minds on such things as climate change and gun control and that was to be expected given where their respective parties sit but there was no movement on trade issues except a commitment to ‘talk’ further over the continued imposition of punitive tariffs on our aluminum exports to the US.

One suspects that Biden has already moved on from that meeting as he deals with inflation at 8.3% and rapidly rising energy costs. As for the PM, well she returns to a country on the cusp of recession with her government committed to buying its way out of inflation with borrowed money. There is a limit to to how much magic you can squeeze out of a earnest smile and a fine set of chompers.


Written by The Veteran

June 1, 2022 at 11:24 pm

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  1. Well Biden did achieve the miraculous I guess by making Jacinda look almost good by comparison.
    The children in charge here have no idea how to deal with the economic crises we are heading into and that’s very scary.
    I cannot imagine how bad things will be by the time of the election.

    Old Curmudgeon

    June 2, 2022 at 8:16 am

  2. Ardern doesn’t like hard questions, Joe doesn’t appear to have the capacity to ask hard questions.

    (and Vice Versa)

    Match made in heaven.


    June 2, 2022 at 10:39 am

  3. Biden’s State visit to the Middle East & Israel.

    Nothing to see, move on. Biden will not negate the Petro-dollar monopoly which President Nixon negotiated to counter the demand made by the French for gold or silver for their international dollars. Uncle Joe will not return the US dollar to a commodity based gold/silver currency. OPEC’s economic alliance with Washington shall not change. OPEC shall require all countries who buy their petroleum to pay in US Dollars. No other currency permitted to pay for Middle East produced petroleum products. Washington’s taxation of OPEC petroleum brings much needed cash into a totally bankrupt system.

    Obviously this State visit, not the forum to address the growing threats to American internal anarchy and chaos on its domestic front. The storm clouds of Civil War hang over Washington something like the hangman placing a hood over the head of the criminal. American Civil society degenerates on a daily basis into deeper chaos and anarchy between and among American citizens who hate and despise one another worse than they do foreign enemies abroad.

    The coming Mid-term Congressional elections promise the political retirement of Pelosi, Waters, and Adam S(c)hit/ff, the pollution and smog of Californian politics. Israeli leaders wait with great anticipation, the return of President Trump, and his excellent leadership to restore Order and calm within a very fragmented American ally.

    The American national debt does very much concern Israeli strategic interests. If America falls into an internal revolution, Israeli relations with our Arab and Muslim neighbours would most probably likewise collapse. The public divorce of Arab stateless refugees compares to Black September of 1970. Uprooting the Arab stateless refugee nihilism from among our nation has become a heightened priority.

    But this State visit, by a senile President, such crucial issues – completely ignored. Biden’s handlers have directed him to address different types of “external superficial bandages” for the festering wounds caused by the terrorism made Balestinian refugee criminal populations, temporarily residing within the borders of the Jewish state.


    July 13, 2022 at 1:27 am

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