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Who exactly is projecting?

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Psychological projection is the process of misinterpreting what is “inside” as coming from “outside”…. In its malignant forms, it is a defense mechanism in which the ego defends itself against disowned and highly negative parts of the self by denying their existence in themselves and attributing them to others, breeding misunderstanding and causing untold interpersonal damage.

Over the last couple of years there has been quite the shitstorm in the USA over some Left-wing ideologies that had originally been crafted in the high halls of academia, being taught in their public schools (and all too many private ones). The initial focus of critics was on Critical Race Theory (CRT), which I’ve covered in numerous posts.

More recently it’s been the matter of sex education. You’d think that would not be a big deal in the 2020’s, given that it’s been taught for decades in public high schools in the USA and the rest of the Western world. Oh sure, there would be the occasional private Christian school that refused to teach the subject, leaving it to the parents, but even in the religion-soaked world of America that was unusual. I recall one girl – but only one – from my NZ state high school who was kept home on the day our Biology class dealt with the key issue of penis-vagina action. By contrast my church-going parents weren’t at all concerned, and the same was true of other such parents of my friends.

But what’s been happening in America recently has been on a whole other level. We’re talking sex education with little kids, down to kindergarden level, and the sex education is not just the boring old physiological stuff but the wonderful world of 57 genders, gender fluidity, gender dysphoria (not the term used of course) and the joys of being able to “transition” to another gender. All this for kids who still think Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are real and have wild and wonderful imaginations.

Regrettably this is also being pushed by all too many dingbat parents.

But it’s teachers who are the primary pushers of this ideology, as documented by the great Twitter account Libs of Tik Tok (LoTT), who grab seemingly endless examples of teachers who just-cannot-shut-up on their Tik Tok videos or Twitter accounts about their wonderful sexual identities and how great it is to teach little kids all about it. LoTT have been banned several times from Twitter over this, despite doing nothing more than providing a wider public platform to what were already public ravings by fanatics convinced of their own rightness and wonderfulness. If this was so great you’d think they’d be overjoyed at spreading the word, but the political Left know how dangerous open debate can often be to their ideas, and their political parties, especially in this case where teachers and teacher unions are so publicly joined at the hip with the Democrat Party,.

In addition to the Twitter bans has been outright denial, by the people doing the teaching, that these things are being taught. They’ll say that CRT is not being taught in schools – and if you pass laws banning it from being taught you’re a terrible person.

In the case of transgender stuff it’s cloaked as perfectly ordinary sex education, and they get really fired up when accused of using the same practices that pedophiles use in grooming kids – stuff like introducing them to all sorts of adult sexual practices and fetishes (kink), discussing surgery and drug treatments for gender transitioning, becoming their secret friends in all this – and telling the kids that they are definitely not to tell their parents what’s going on. They’ll also say that this is just a Right-Wing/Republican beat up: “Republicans Pounce”.

A recent example of this denial and ferocious counter-attack came from a teacher in Hawaii named Alden Bunag. You can really get a feel for the outraged self-rightousness involved in the pushback,

Mr Bunag described himself as a:

Socialist high school teacher fighting for a better society for my students to graduate into. Artist, dancer, singer, photographer, writer, creative educator.

No doubt also a huge fan of the old TV series Glee. This was all part of a Twitter thread, where Bunag unloaded similar outraged protesting responses, plus accusations against his critics to put them on the defensive:

Then this happened a few months later:

A teacher from Hawaii admitted to recording himself having sex with a 13-year-old student and sharing the footage, along with hundreds of other images and videos depicting child pornography.Alden Bunag first appeared in court on Thursday in Honolulu, and remains in custody.

Bunag admitted that he had been sharing child pornography with a teacher in Philadelphia, according to KHON. He and the other teacher, who was arrested in October, exchanged more than 3,300 messages, hundreds of which contained images and videos of child pornography.

Bunag also admitted to having sex with a 13-year-old student “at the school during lunch breaks,” recording and sending the content to others. Court documents show he knew that the boy was under age at the time.

Well, well, well. Now we know who was “projecting” all this time.

It’s something that nice, normal people tend to accede to in arguments with these types of “activists”: “Gosh, He’s really upset, I guess I did go too far in my criticism and should tone it down a bit or even re-think my arguments since only decent people get so upset at false accusations”.

Don’t let their emotional responses fool you.

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  1. Good start is to demand school stop ALL sex education, in all its perversions, immediately.

    Teachers are not exemplars of society, but tools of the Oligarchs. Dumb, underpaid, willing to pedo your child for money.

    Children have a natural aversion to the porn being pushed by TV and schools. Use it. Children are innocent. They are repulsed by degeneracy. Devils hate the laughter of children, the play of the innocent, and target it with their disgusting perversions. This is the motive of the pedo. To quench the giggle of a young child with sex education, followed sooner or later by rape. It started with straight “ed” but had turned to Post-humanist drag time story & rainbow pantomimes.



    June 24, 2022 at 10:56 pm

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