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You are standing in it and have been for some time now.

An early marker for me was when the lesbian/Homosexual community came to a belief that perhaps Queer was not how they wished to be named so it in the blink of an eye adopted “Gay”, and in that process removed a wonderful descriptive from my everyday language.

Suddenly ‘gay abandon’, ‘having a gay old time’, et al to even calling a female child Gay or more commonly Gaye not unusual back in “The good old days” of dykes, queers, lesbians homos, has been taken by force and largely expunged.

Of course now in the “enlightened times” where biology is no longer the basis for gender and a subsequent proliferation sees almost the entire alphabet being used in a headlong rush to woke stupid, that wonderful and so easy to understand word ‘gay’ has been drowned and lies on a beach, forlorn and forgotten as to its historical time in the sun a mere century ago.

Then there is the word “Rainbow” an almost mythical wondrous image that appears in the daytime sky when rays from the sun travel through moisture and display the colours of the spectrum from violet through blue, green, yellow, orange to red in an arch with a pot of gold at the juncture of the rainbow and earth. A truly wondrous sight that has now been applied to the alternate sexual orientation brigade as a euphemism for behaviour that beggars belief for many.

I mused recently on such matters and in considering such changes to the language began a train of thought centered on the business of an old school mate who embarked on an addition to his gift and bric-a-bac. emporium in Akaroa, and wondering if the person who prepared the fudge for display and sale could be described as a fudge packer?
That said I still marvel and enjoy the gay colour display of a rainbow.

Written by Gravedodger

June 26, 2022 at 11:54 am

Posted in New Zealand

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